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Tell your Senator to pass a clean bill: 877-810-9757

As an HR professional, I often have a front-row seat on hiring and salary decisions. A moment that has stuck with me, is when I witnessed a woman hired to a position she had already been filling temporarily in the absence of the man who had vacated it. The woman was hired on full time, but I was appalled to see that the salary offered to her was $10,000 lower than her predecessor, a man, had been making.  This scenario is far too common, and it occurs across all industries and in all communities.

All people's contributions to society should be fairly compensated. We are close to passing the Equal Pay Opportunity Act in Washington, but a few bad actors in big business have convinced a handful of lawmakers to support a poison pill amendment that would block cities from advancing other fair pay policies in the future.

I am a Planned Parenthood supporter who proudly stands up for reproductive rights- but also for economic justice.

Because pay equity is reproductive justice. The wage gap doesn’t just impact economic success, it impacts people’s ability to get health care and can compound the structural barriers communities of color already face to accessing quality health care. Just like with health care access, women, people of color, and gender nonconforming people deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace. I want my Senators to know: a vote in favor of my reproductive rights does not give a them a free pass to weaken my labor rights.

We must not rest until we have achieved equity across the board. Stand with me and call your Senator today. Tell them you support Equal Pay For Equal Work, and that you expect them to pass a clean Equal Pay Bill that is free of any poison pill "preemption" amendments.

-Alexa, Washington



Reproductive Justice is Economic Justice

The Equal Pay Opportunity Act (EPOA, EHB 1506/SB 5140) will ensure that employees can share wage or salary information with co-workers without fear of retaliation, like losing their jobs and create new protections for women who are tracked into lower paying jobs or unfairly passed over for promotions.  SB 5140/ EHB 1506 updates the existing state equal pay act to address income disparities, employer discrimination, retaliation practices, and the equal status of workers. The bill has passed through the House and was passed by the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee.

Now, a small group of powerful corporate lobbyists are trying a last-minute push to add in "preemption." Preemption is a fancy word for prohibition, meaning these lobbyists want to *prohibit* city, county, and other local government agencies from passing future equal pay policies. These bad actors (and the legislators listening to them) want to effectively use equal pay legislation to take away women's rights to fight for equal pay in the future.

Here's what you can say.

Hi, my name is ________ and I live in ________. I support equal pay for equal work and I expect you, my Senator, to pass a clean Equal Pay bill that is free of any amendments. Thank you.