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Show up for Equal Pay

Thank you for your interest in attending a legislative district town hall this weekend! Many events have been listed hereCheck to see if, when, and where your legislators will be gathering. Not sure who represents you? You can look up your legislative district here.

At legislative town halls, legislators usually give a presentation before taking questions from the audience. This is your opportunity to speak up for the Equal Pay Opportunity Act! 

Check out the talking points and questions below (special thanks to our pals at MomsRising.org and the Washington Work and Family Coalition).




Talking Points:

  • The EPOA (EHB 1506/SB 5140) Will Boost Women, Moms, Families, and the Economy!
    The EPOA will ensure that employees can share wage or salary information with coworkers without fear of retaliation, like losing their jobs. The EPOA will also create new protections for women who are tracked into lower paying jobs or unfairly passed over for promotions.

  • The Wage Gap Adds Up
    $18 billion. That's how much the women's wage gap cost Washington women in 2015  alone. Even when controlling for job type, education, hours worked, etc. economists consistently find that the gap cannot be fully explained away by anything other than discrimination. This big bite out of women’s paychecks keeps families strapped, limits women’s ability to invest in education or save for retirement, and results in less spending at local businesses.

On top of this, study after study has shown that women who are mothers face increased hiring and wage discrimination. This is a big deal for Washington families and our local economies. Half of moms are the primary or co-breadwinners for their families, so when moms make less, families spend less, which has big impacts to our consumer-driven economy.

  • The EPOA will bring Washington forward by:

    • Prohibiting companies from imposing pay secrecy policies;

    • Requiring bona fide business-related reasons such as training and experience for differences in pay and access to job opportunities;

    • And allowing the state to investigate and rule on unfair pay practices, in addition to the right for workers to sue in court and recover damages and costs for discrimination.

Sample questions:

  • I’m really excited that after so many years of gridlock, bills like the Reproductive Parity Act are making progress this session. It’s great to see so many legislators supporting a women’s rights agenda, but I’m disappointed that a small group of powerful corporate lobbyists is pushing to amend the Equal Pay Opportunity Act so that it would *prohibit* city, county, and other local government agencies from passing future equal pay policies. That is a direct attack on women’s rights. Will you vote to pass a CLEAN Equal Pay Opportunity Act, without a local preemption amendment?

  • In Washington state, even in 2018, women are still paid less than men in virtually every occupation. Employers continue to offer women lower pay from the start and to favor men over equally or better qualified women for promotions and higher paying jobs. We deserve better! Will you vote to pass a CLEAN Equal Pay Opportunity Act, without a local preemption amendment?

  • Your lived experience is powerful! Share a *quick* description of how the Gender Pay Gap has affected you and your family, then ask, “Will you vote to pass a CLEAN Equal Pay Opportunity Act, without a local preemption amendment?”

After you attend, let us know how it went! Did you get to ask a question? How did your legislators respond? We’d love it if you sent a quick recap to us at [email protected].

Thanks for all you do!