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Attitudes Toward Reproductive Health Care Options and Abortion

  • Voters intensely believe it is important that women have access to all of the reproductive health care options available, including abortion (85% see it as important; 68% very important).


  • Among voters statewide, a woman’s freedom to plan her family is a near unanimously held belief. Freedom is a core value.
    • Women should have the freedom to plan if and when to have children – 93% agree, 86% strongly agree.
  • There is remarkably strong agreement with statements around sex education, economic well-being and stability, and birth control:
    • We should require sex education that covers healthy relationships and communication skills – 90% agree, 79% strongly agree
    • Reproductive health care is basic health care and having access to it is important for economic well-being and stability  – 91% agree, 75% strongly agree
    • Birth control is part of healthcare overall – 86% agree, 74% strongly agree
    • We need to guarantee access to birth control for all individuals in Hawaii – 86% agree, 73% strongly agree.
  • There is strong support for access to abortion services, but some voters drop off when these services are not situated within reproductive health care.
    • Every woman should have access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion – 81% agree, 65% strongly agree
    • Every woman should have access to abortion – 71% agree, 56% strongly agree.