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To celebrate National Voter Registration Day on September 26, we asked our field organizers about their voter registration work and its importance before the November 7 elections.

As National Voter Registration Month comes to a close, we celebrated National Voter Registration Day, September 26, by educating folks throughout the Planned Parenthood South Atlantic region about upcoming elections this November, and making sure folks are registered to vote before this and next year’s crucial elections.

As field organizers in the Carolinas and Virginias, we know our states carry crucial clout as we pave the way for women’s health champions who will fight for access to affordable and reliable health care. Each day we’re making connections in the communities we serve, educating people about the importance of their right to vote, why it matters and how it affects us all. Not only do these conversations serve as an opportunity for us to educate people about what Planned Parenthood does and how the health care we provide each day impacts their community, but also how we can all work together towards the world we want to live in.

At Planned Parenthood we know that voting rights are inextricably linked to reproductive rights. Voting in any election (municipal, state or federal) is crucial to making sure your access to basic human rights such as health care are protected, and even expanded. By using one of your most powerful tools — your vote — you can help to elect women’s health champions and advocates who will stand up for your right to bodily autonomy and self-determination.

We also know that too many communities are disenfranchised and discouraged by the voting process. Whether they’ve historically and continue to have their right to vote infringed upon as a result of racial and political gerrymandering, faced discriminatory voter ID laws or restricted access to polling places and voting hours, we know we must continue to work to ensure that all people are guaranteed their right to vote — no matter what. This is why it’s crucial to understand the voting laws in your state and what disenfranchisement may look like, because it can take many forms.

This National Voter Registration Day we encourage you to do your research and register!
Here are some helpful links for your state’s voting information:

North Carolina State Board of Elections
South Carolina Election Commission
West Virginia Secretary of State
Virginia Department of Elections

Make sure you’re registered to vote, then check out when your next local election will take place.

See you in the field!

Dani and Caitlan, North Carolina Field Organizers
Sarah, South Carolina Field Organizer
Emily, West Virginia Field Organizer
Ashley, Virginia Field Organizer


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