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Post Script (P.S.) is a series of short letters written by supporters and volunteers throughout Planned Parenthood’s South Atlantic’s service area on local issues that affect reproductive health and rights in their community.

Last month Congress passed a tax bill that not only upends the tax code, but will take away health insurance from more than 13 million people and increase premiums for many more. The bill forces cuts to Medicaid and Medicare in order to pay for the tax plan, creating insurmountable barriers for people who rely on these programs to access critical health care services.

Below are a few PPSAT supporter’s calls to action.

The attacks on health coverage have no place in legislation by politicians with no health care qualifications. The polls have shown that the majority of Americans do not want their health care micromanaged by anyone other than themselves. Women should have the right to make their own reproductive choices without restrictions.

Bobbie W, Charlottesville, VA

When evaluating the proposed tax bill, the litmus test should be who benefits. Is it the wealthy who get to keep more money to pay CEOs outrageous bonuses? Does it benefit the working parent, living paycheck to paycheck? It’s difficult to see how a bill that potentially adds 1.5 trillion dollars to our debt, leaves 13 million without healthcare, and offers deductions for golf courses and private jets helps the average West Virginian, or those who need a break the most. We should hold our representatives and senators accountable for voting for a bill that works against West Virginians and start demanding that they do better.

Emily T, Morgantown, WV

There are a vast number of issues that should concern the public regarding the GOP Tax Bill. I’m especially concerned about the growing elderly population, which includes my parents and the parents of dear friends; thus, I am appalled by the egregious potential 25 billion dollar cut to Medicaid—some of the only care they may be able to get. I’m also concerned about my students who will find upon retirement that the 28 billion dollar cut to social security could leave them destitute in their twilight years. Not to mention the estimated 1.5 trillion dollars added to an already exorbitant national debt which we will pass on to our children. This suggests that we do not care about those whom came before us not those whom will come after. All of this comes from the party of supposed family values. Hilarious. This madness has to stop.

Ryan T, Morgantown, WV

I am a former CPA and can even read the new “Tax Act.” It is not rocket science—this gives to the rich and does nothing to help the needy or the middle class. If the healthcare mandate passes, it will leave 13 million people without insurance because the mandate is an integral part of the Affordable Care Act. Corporate taxes are lowered forever, but not the tax cuts on individuals. Owners of jets and golf courses benefit, but the poor and middle class? No! There is no question that Medicare and Social Security are next on the chopping block, and that is not acceptable. Cuts to these programs should never be used to finance tax cuts to the rich!

Marie-Claire S, Hazelton, WV



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