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Vote Against Michael Lee

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, taking away our federal constitutional right to abortion. You can still access abortion care in North Carolina for now, but this year's elections for the State Legislature and State Supreme Court will determine what happens next in our state. Anti-abortion politicians have promised to completely ban abortion in North Carolina as early as next year if they regain a supermajority in November. If that happens, Governor Cooper will not be able to stop them from stripping away our reproductive freedom. This November, we must elect candidates who will defend our rights and protect access to abortion.

Michael Lee wants you to believe he won’t vote for an all-out ban on abortion in North Carolina. But his voting record shows that he will vote for any and all abortion restrictions.

  • He has voted FIVE times to strip North Carolinians of their reproductive rights:
    • He voted for stricter regulations on abortions, including a medically unnecessary 72-hour mandatory delay for people who want to get an abortion.
    • He voted to cut pregnancy prevention programs.
    • He voted for a bill to define who is a sex education “expert,” a move toward abstinence-only education.
    • He voted for a bill that claimed to prohibit abortion based on a person’s supposed reason for seeking one.
    • He voted for a bill that aimed to promote a gross misrepresentation of medical practice that has no basis in fact or science – all with the aim of banning abortion.

This year, reproductive freedom is on the ballot. The future of abortion access not only for North Carolinians but for the entire Southeast region is on the line in 2022. We need to take control and vote out Michael Lee.

Register to vote

The deadline to register to vote in the November 2022 election is October 14th. If you miss the deadline, you can same-day register during the early voting period.

Get informed

Learn which candidates have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic in this year's election.

Make a plan to vote

In North Carolina, you can vote by mail, early vote in-person, or vote on Election Day.

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Everything hinges on the 2022 elections. If anti-abortion politicians can regain a supermajority in the General Assembly, Governor Cooper will not be able to stop them from passing more restrictions on our health care or an all-out ban on abortion.

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