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Planned Parenthood South Atlantic recognizes that the ability to preserve and expand access to reproductive rights relies on the right to vote. We are proud to work with organizations and people around the country who are committed to voter education and civic engagement. Voter suppression is the biggest cause of low voter turnout and engagement, and has historically disenfranchised oppressed communities, including people of color, the elderly, trans folks students, the disabled and people with low income. In addition to voter restriction laws, voter suppression compounds the ability to vote by creating voting barriers such as not having required form of identification, or vague identification requirements, as is the case in South Carolina. Further, restrictive voting hours and cutting off access to early voting requires people to take time off of work to go to a polling place and find transportation, often without paid time off. The communities most impacted include the same people whose access to reproductive health care is suppressed. It is essential that everyone retains and exercises their right to vote, and Planned Parenthood will continue to protect equal voting rights until all unnecessary restrictions are lifted.