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The North Carolina Short Legislative Session began on April 28, 2020 and began a brief adjournment on July 11, 2020.

The General Assembly adjourned on September 3, 2020.

House Bill 1141 – Study Implicit Bias Program/Maternal Health

Sponsors: Zack Hawkins (D-31); Julie von Haefen (D-36)

Bill Text

An Act requiring DHHS to study whether implementation of an evidence-based implicit bias program for health care providers would improve maternal health and reduce infant mortality among African Americans residing in NC; appropriating funds for this purpose.

Last Action: Sent to Appropriations Committee on 5/18/20

Senate Bill 732 - Create Medicaid Access to Doula Services

Sponsors: Natalie Murdock (D-20); Joyce Waddell (D-40); Natasha Marcus (D-41)

Bill Text

Adding coverage under the North Carolina Medicaid State Plan for antepartum, intrapartum, and 8 postpartum services provided to a pregnant recipient by a doula. These services shall include 9 services for labor and delivery support and at least four visits during the antenatal period and 10 seven visits during the postpartum period. This coverage shall begin August 1, 2021.

Last Action: Sent to Committee On Rules and Operations on 5/14/20

Senate Bill 775 - Funds/Est. Black Women & Girls Task Force

Sponsors: Erica Smith (D-03); Natalie Murdock (D-20)

Bill Text

Establishes the North Carolina Black Women and Girls Task Force within the Department of Administration to study: (1) the health and wealth disparities of black women and their impact. (2) Review educational justice principals for black girls and the impact of trauma to learning. (3) Research all forms of violence to and on black women and girls. (4) Consider the impact of the criminal and juvenile justice system on black women and girls, including incarceration of black women and girls. (5) Examine the effect of political advocacy and engagement, employment, and healthcare, especially in the context of disparate impacts of COVID-19, cancer, stress disorders, high blood pressure, maternal morbidity and infant mortality, reproduction, and other disparate health factors.

Last Action: Sent to Appropriations and Budget Committees on 5/20/20

Senate Bill 777 – Restraint Prohibition and I WILL Act

Sponsors: Erica Smith (D-03)

Bill Text

Codifies the DPS ban on shackling pregnant incarcerated people; provides funding for mammograms for incarcerated people.

Last Action: Sent to Committee On Rules and Operations on 5/18/20

House Bill 918 – Expedite Permanency/DHHS Report SNAP/TANF

Bill Text

Would target pregnant people and new mothers and subject them to permanent loss of custody of their children by making exposure to illegal drugs in utero grounds for child removal, expedited permanency placement hearings, and making it easier for foster parents (including non-relatives) to gain custody of children.

Last Action: Vetoed by Governor Cooper