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H. 3809 – 12-Month Contraceptive Supply

Bill Text

H. 3809 would require that health insurance plans and Medicaid provide coverage for a 12-month supply of contraceptives obtained at one time. This legislation would ensure that women in South Carolina have a readily available supply of contraceptives by eliminating monthly trips to pharmacies. Currently, no hearing has been scheduled for this important bill. Call committee chair Sen. Ronnie Cromer today at 803-212-6240 and urge that H. 3809 be scheduled for a hearing as soon as possible.

Last Action: Sent to Committee on Banking and Insurance on 4/5/17

H. 3865 – Pregnancy Accommodations Act

Bill Text

H. 3865 requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to women during pregnancy and after childbirth, such as a stool for sitting, bathroom breaks as needed, a bottle of water, and breaks to allow nursing mothers to pump. 

Last Action: Passed Senate Judiciary Committee on 2/21/18; Sent to Senate Floor

S. 217 ⎯ "Personhood Act of South Carolina"

Bill Text

A bill that would ban all safe and legal abortion and threaten access to infertility treatment, miscarriage management, and many common and effective forms of birth control. This bill would have major ramifications for the full spectrum of reproductive health care.

Last Action: Sent to Senate Judiciary Committee on 2/21/18

H. 3548 ⎯ Method Ban

Bill Text

This bill would ban the most common and one of the safest methods of second-trimester abortions unless another risky procedure is performed on women. This procedure would not improve the medical care of the woman, but would instead place her health and potentially her life in jeopardy. We believe medical care and procedures should be determined by physicians and their patients. Government intrusion into doctors’ medical practices is a serious overreach.

Last Action: Passed Senate Medical Affairs Committee on 3/1/18; Sent to Senate Floor

H. 4833 ⎯ Fetal Anomaly Abortion Ban

Bill Text

Abortion for fetal anomaly is chosen for many reasons, but women most often say they didn’t want their babies to suffer excruciating pain, even if they did live at childbirth. Frequently fetal anomalies are not diagnosed until the 20th week of pregnancy or later. This bill would remove the fetal anomaly exception from the 20-week ban and ban all abortions, no matter which trimester, for fetal anomaly. Women would be forced to carry fetuses to term that may have no chance at life because of a fatal disorder or malformation. This can cause risk to the woman’s health and may impact her ability to have children in the future.

Last Action: Sent to House Judiciary Committee on 2/1/18

H. 4491 – Defunding Planned Parenthood

Bill Text

H. 4491 aims to prevent people who rely on Medicaid as their primary insurance from receiving care at the provider of their choice, including Planned Parenthood.

Last Action: Sent to House Judiciary Committee on 1/9/18