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The first year of South Carolina's two-year session ended on May 13, 2021. The second year is set to begin on January 11, 2022.

(Updated May 2021)

Birth Control Access

These bills would ensure that birth control is accessible to South Carolinians by removing unnecessary barriers. 

House Bill 3175

Senate Bill 628

Equal Rights Amendment

These bills would ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The ERA provides equal rights under the law regardless of sex.

House Bill 3258

House Bill 3919

Senate Bill 262

Health Insurance Coverage

These bills ensure that, regardless of federal law, all health care is covered by insurance. If the ACA was overturned, services like mammograms, pap smears, pelvic exams, breast exams, contraception counseling, maternity and postpartum care, and more may no longer be covered by insurance providers. Additionally, preexisting conditions may become restricted by insurance companies.

House Bill 3239

House Bill 3748

House Bill 4052

Senate Bill 577

Medicaid Expansion

South Carolina is currently one of only 13 states that have not expanded Medicaid. By doing so, we ensure that thousands of South Carolinians are able to access the health care that they need. These bills would expand Medicaid and grant more than 300,000 people access to health care.

House Bill 3226

House Bill 3269

House Bill 3573

Senate Bill 83

Senate Bill 210

Medical Provider Regulations

These bills would allow more medical professionals to provide care by expanding the type of care that they provide. Many rural counties in South Carolina do not have access to medical providers, and by expanding who can provide services, we can ensure that more South Carolinians have access to the care that they need.

House Bill 3682

Senate Bill 613

Senate Bill 639

Pay Equity

These bills would prohibit employers from paying employees different wages based on race, religion, sex, gender identity, and more.

House Bill 3183

House Bill 3188

House Bill 3922

Senate Bill 514

Paid Leave

These bills would require employers to provide paid sick leave for employees for illness or the birth or adoption of a child. There are currently no laws in place, statewide or federal, that requires employers to provide paid time off for their employees. These laws would ensure that South Carolinians received access to the leave they need to take care of themselves and their families.

House Bill 3469

House Bill 3560

Period Equity

These bills aim to ensure period products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups) are accessible to all of those who need them. When we remove sales tax from period products, more people are able to access the products they need.

House Bill 3747

Senate Bill 574

Sex Education

These bills require that public schools provide medically-accurate, comprehensive sex education. They also remove the emphasis on abstinence in sexual health education and increases the amount of information given about birth control.

House Bill 3758

Sexual Assault

These bills expand on existing laws protecting survivers of sexual assault. Bills include enacting a Sexual Assault Surviver's Bill of Rights, narrowing the definition of consent, and extending the statute of limitations for sexual assault or abuse.

House Bill 3487

House Bill 3488

Senate Bill 75

Senate Bill 213

Racial Justice

These bills increases the penalty for a person convicted of a crime against another person because of the victim's actual or perceived race, sex, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental ability. South Carolina is one of only a few states that currently does not have a statewide law against hate crimes. 

House Bill 3283

House Bill 3420

House Bill 3427

House Bill 3620

Senate Bill 14

Senate Bill 171

Senate Bill 172

Abortion Bans

These bill aim to chip away access to safe, legal abortion. Many of these bills would ban abortion altogether, while others define "personhood" as a fertilized egg, None of these bills are based in medical science and are designed to punish people who have abortions and the medical professionals who provide them.

Senate Bill 1

Senate Bill 381

Senate Bill 385

Senate Bill 399

House Bill 3163

House Bill 3508

House Bill 3512

House Bill 3568

House Bill 3872

House Bill 4005

House Bill 4046

House Bill 4088

Anti-LGTBQ Regulations

These bills would blantantly discriminate against people in the LGBTQ community. Bills include banning trans teens from participating in public school sports on the team that aligns with their gender identity and would allow health care providers to refuse to provide care to patients for any religious reason.

House Bill 3477

House Bill 3518

House Bill 4047

House Bill 4153

Senate Bill 531

Senate Bill 811