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Here, you will find legislation that was proposed in the 2017 State Legislative Session.

2017 Proposed Legislation


HB 2002 -- Parental Consent

This bill requires a minor seeking an abortion to obtain parental or guardian consent. This bill includes a 48-hour waiting period between the parental notification and abortion procedure. This bill requires that an abortion provider present comprehensive reports of private medical information to the Secretary, and that this information be made public. 

STATUS: Waiting for Governor's action.

HB 2646 -- Terminating the Women’s Commission and Discontinue its Functions

This bill abolishes the 40-year old Women’s Commission, a commission concerning women’s advocacy, education and research throughout the state. “The Commission seeks to improve the legal, social, economic, educational, and political status of women by working with businesses, policy-makers, government agencies, and nonprofit groups. The Women's Commission is the only state agency mandated to bring women's concerns and issues to the attention the Executive and Legislative branches of government.”

STATUS: Signed into law.

HB 2082 -- Prohibiting State Funding For Abortion

This bill is not only an attack on abortion providers, but on the patients we serve. This bill limits a woman’s options to access her constitutional right to safe and legal abortion.

STATUS: In Committee on House Health and Human Resources

SB 20 -- Limiting Insurance Coverage for "Elective Abortions"

This bill prohibits insurance providers from covering abortions. Limiting  a method of paying for health care, including safe and legal abortion, is an attack on a pregnant person’s constitutional right.

STATUS: In Committee on Senate Banking and Insurance

SB 21 -- Handling of Fetal Tissue

This bill is medically inaccurate by requiring abortion providers to administer anesthesia to fetal tissue. It is an attempt to shame a woman out of making her own deeply personal health decisions.

STATUS: In Committee on Senate Health and Human Resources

SB 31 -- Prohibiting Abortion Coverage in Qualified Health Plans

This bill prohibits insurance to cover abortion. Limiting a person’s access to the range of reproductive health care services is an unconstitutional attack on the right to safe and legal abortion.

STATUS: In Committee on Senate Health and Human Resources

SB 77 -- Relating to Unlawful Discriminatory Practices

This bill includes protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Fair Housing Act.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary

HB 2467 -- Prohibiting school employees from informing students about abortion

This bill prohibits any school employee from counseling, referring, transporting or assisting a student in seeking abortion services. Young people deserve to  have accurate and accessible information about all of their health care options.

STATUS: In House Education Committee

HB 2506 -- Drinking Water Criteria

This bill introduces an overlap of mixing zones for drinking water criteria. It can ultimately impact a woman’s reproductive health and the health of West Virginian families. SB 246 is the Senate version of this bill.

STATUS: Passed both House and Senate; Waiting for Governor's action.

HB 2468 -- Transporting Minors for Abortion

This bill criminalizes a minor seeking an abortion across state lines without first getting consent from “both of their parents or legal guardians.” This bill evades a young pregnant person’s right to privacy and their right to judicial bypass.

STATUS: In Committee on Health and Human Resources

SB 424 -- General Abortion Restrictions

This bill includes a parental notification, state-mandated counseling, a 48-hour waiting period, reporting requirements to DHHS and an annual statistical report to Committee, to name a few amendments and restrictions. These restrictions undermine a minor’s right to make their own health care decisions, as well as invade a patient’s private records.

STATUS: In Committee on Health and Human Resources

HB 3012 -- Family Protection Act

This bill makes it illegal to discriminate against an employee relating to pregnancy, reproductive health or an individual’s family responsibilities.

STATUS: In Committee on Industry and Labor

HB 2471 -- Relating to Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer Screening

This bill requires that after January 1, 2018, insurance coverage for breast cancer screenings must be covered by the Public Employees Insurance Agency and other third party insurers.

STATUS: Passed House; In Senate Banking and Insurance Committee

HB 2529 -- Adding “sexual orientation” to Human Rights Act

This bill adds that a person cannot be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation to the already-existing Human Rights Act.

STATUS: In Committee on House Industry and Labor

HB 2812 -- Office of Rural Health Policy

This bill establishes an Office of Rural Health Policy to oversee the health and economic well being of thousands of West Virginians who live in rural areas.

STATUS: In Committee on Government Organization and Finance

HB 3052 -- State Funding of Abortion

This bill prohibits state funding for abortion. Plain and simple, abortion is health care. Restricting state abortion funds is a direct attack on our patients. A woman should be able to access safe, legal and affordable options for an abortion once she makes this deeply personal health care decision.

STATUS: Committee on Judiciary