Legislation We're Following

Here, you will find bills filed by the North Carolina General Assembly that we are following.

Repeal of HB 2

Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic supports a full repeal of House Bill 2 (HB 2), which legalizes discrimination of LGBT individuals.

STATUS: While many bills have been introduced to revise HB 2, a full repeal has yet to be introduced.

HB 62 -- "Woman’s Right to Know" Add-on

This bill is another form of state-mandated counseling that attempts to shame a woman out of her right to access safe and legal abortion.

STATUS: In Committee on Health

SB 85 -- NC Adoption of Equal Rights Amendment

This bill proposes ratifying the U.S. Constitution to include equal rights for all men and women. The ERA would guarantee equal rights for women and was sent to the states for ratification by the U.S. Congress in 1972. NC was one of the 15 states that refused to ratify the amendment at the time. HB 102 is the House version of this bill.

STATUS:  In Committee On Rules and Operations of the Senate

HB 163 -- Personhood For Embryos

This bill amends the state constitution to include that life begins at conception. This personhood bill completely disregards a woman who may be pregnant, as well as ignores her right to choose the best available health care options for her unique circumstance.

STATUS: In Committee on Health

HB 334 -- Families' Stabilization Act

This bill will guarantee equal pay for equal work, no matter a person’s gender. Planned Parenthood supports legislation that does not discriminate an employee based on their identity. This bill ultimately protects people against workplace discrimination and ensures partners earn fair pay.

STATUS: In  Committee on State Personnel