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The North Carolina Long Legislative Session began on January 13, 2021.

House Bill 8 – Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Sponsors: Julie von Haefen (D-36); Carla Cunningham (D-106); Susan Fisher (D-114); Evelyn Terry (D-71)

Bill Text

An Act to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution (equal rights for men and women) and to appropriate funds to educate the public about the ERA. A companion bill, Senate Bill 15, was introduced in the Senate.

Last Action: Sent to Rules Committee on 1/28/21

House Bill 188 - The RBG Act

Sponsors: Deborah Butler (D-18); Vernetta Alston (D-29); Julie von Haefen (D-36); Susan Fisher (D-114)

Bill Text

Repeals the 72 hour mandatory delay, biased counseling, and telehealth ban; amends physician only law to include NPs, PAs, CNMs; repeals several bans in insurance coverage, including on the ACA Exchange, State Employee Health Plan, local government health plans, Medicaid. A companion bill, SB 167, was introduced in the Senate.

Last Action: Sent to Rules Committee on 3/2/21

House Bill 31 – Six Week Abortion Ban

Bill Text

This bill bans abortion when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Because this may happen as early as six weeks gestation – before most people even realize they’re pregnant – this bill would effectively ban safe, legal abortion in North Carolina.

Last Action: Sent to Health Committee on 2/1/21

Senate Bill 100 - "Police Funding Protection Act"

Bill Text

Takes state funding away from localities that decrease their local police budgets by more than 1%--punishing communities that decrease police budgets in favor of other community alternatives to policing. This bill is a direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests that took place during the summer of 2020. 

Last Action: Sent to Rules Committee on 2/16/21

Senate Bill 101 – "Require Cooperation with ICE 2.0"

Bill Text

This bill requires local sheriffs to cooperate with ICE and honor detainer requests. This bill would harm North Carolinians by putting public health and safety at risk during a pandemic, would damage essential businesses in difficulty and would create fear among immigrant communities.

Last Action: Sent to Judiciary Committee on 2/17/21