Legislation We're Following

Here, you will find bills filed by the South Carolina Legislature that we are following.

The South Carolina 2017 Legislative Session is scheduled to conclude on May 11, 2017.

H. 3012 -- Bathroom Bill

This bill prohibits any local government from enacting a law, ordinance or regulation requiring an establishment to allow a person to use any bathroom, regardless of their biological sex.
This bill is similar to North Carolina’s HB2, and inherently discriminates against transgender people.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary

S. 217 -- "Personhood Act of South Carolina"

This bill recognizes life beginning at conception, giving full human rights to pre-fertilization cells.

This is the Senate version of H. 3530.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary

H. 3548 -- Method Ban

This bill prohibits one of the safest methods of safe, legal abortion available. This bill goes so far as to include that “criminal penalties” would be discussed for a person having an abortion using this method.

STATUS: Passed Committee on Judiciary with a 18-4 vote; headed to House Floor

H. 3342 -- "SC Employee Equal Pay for Equal Work Act"

This bill guarantees that state government workers receive equal pay for equal work, regardless of their gender. 

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary

H. 3599 -- "SC Equal Pay for Equal Work Act"

This bill ensures equal pay for equal work regardless of a person’s sexual orientation.

This is the House version of S. 257.

STATUS: In Committee on Labor, Commerce, and Industry

H. 3115 -- "South Carolina Access to Health Care Act"

This bill effectively expands Medicaid throughout the state of South Carolina. Medicaid provides critical preventive and primary reproductive health care for low income people, including easier access to birth control.

STATUS: In Committee on Ways and Means

H. 3097 -- "Free Feminine Hygiene Products in State Buildings"

The “pink tax” is a gender-based tax placed on products and services, effectively discriminating against low income people. H. 3097 allows products such as tampons and pads to be distributed in state buildings free of charge.

STATUS: In Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs

H. 3064 -- Hormonal Contraceptives Amendment

This bill allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control over the counter (OTC), as well as mandates that insurance pay for all methods of contraception.

STATUS: Passed out of Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs; headed to House floor

H. 3809 -- Insurance Coverage of Birth Control

This bill requires insurance providers and Medicaid programs to cover a 12-month supply of birth control at one time.  

STATUS: Passed Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs with a 15-1 vote; headed to House Floor

H. 3021 -- "Uniform Anti-Discrimination Act"

This bill expands the current anti-discrimination act so that employers cannot discriminate against a person based on their sexual orientation.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary

S. 467 --12 Week Abortion Ban

This bill bans abortion at 12 weeks if a fetal heartbeat is detected. A woman should be able to access safe and legal abortion at any point in her pregnancy, no matter her circumstance.

STATUS: In Committee on Medical Affairs

S. 283 -- Amendment to Abortion Complications Reporting

This bill requires any abortion “complications” be reported to DHEC. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures available, and there are no extensive state reporting requirements for any other health care procedure.

STATUS: In Committee on Medical Affairs 

H. 3663 -- Healthy Youth Act

This bill mandates that all sexual health education in South Carolina schools must be evidence-based and include information on reproductive health education, family life education, pregnancy prevention and STIs. At Planned Parenthood we know that the gold standard, evidence-based programming is the most effective method when teaching young people about sexual health, as opposed to state-mandated abstinence-only programs.

The Senate version of this bill is S. 461

STATUS: In Committee on Education and Public Work

H. 3865 -- South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act

This bill includes an “equal treatment for women affected by pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions” definition to the SC Human Affairs Laws to protect pregnant people and allow for reasonable accommodations.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary