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Wet Hot Tennessee Summer FAQs!

Where is the Field Day?
We’re at the Event Field at Shelby Park in East Nashville near Sevier Lake and the Reflection Sculpture of the melting silver bird. Shelby Park, Shelby Ave & S 20th St, Nashville, TN 37206.

Where can I park?
There is parking available at the Shelby Park Ball Fields Parking. You can also find street parking and other parking lots adjacent to the Event Field. Parking is free.

What can I expect at the event?
Arrive anytime from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM if you plan to participate in field games (if you only plan to play lawn games, freeze dance, scavenger hunt, or kickball you can arrive at any time). Here's what to expect once you arrive:

●  Check in at the registration table upon arrival

●  Receive your wristband

●  Make your field day game plan

●  Claim your spot on the lawn for when you need a break

●  Make some new friends

●  Grab a sno cone

●  Play lawn games

●  Boogie on over to play Freeze Dance

●  Keep your eyes peeled for the Scavenger Hunt

What is the Field Day schedule?
There are two rounds of field day games. You can participate in one or both if you’d like. Please plan to arrive at the event at least 15 minutes before the round begins in order to play in order to have ample time to check-in at the registration table, etc.

Field Day Games Round 1:
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

*Please arrive at the event no later than 3:15 PM to participate in Round 1

Field Day Games Round 2:
4:45 PM- 5:45 PM

*Please arrive at the event no later than 4:30 PM to participate in Round 1

What games are we playing?

Area 1: Field Games
Sack Race
Solo Cup Stacking
Water Frisbee Fill
Noodle Javelin
Balloon Drop and Pop

Area 2: Field Games
Fly Swatter Golf
Human Ring Toss
Water Balloon Toss
Egg and Spoon Race
Beach Ball Blaster

Area 3: Lawn Games

Area 4: Music
Freeze Dance
Scavenger Hunt

Area 5: Kickball


What do I need to bring?
You can bring sunscreen, a chair or blanket to sit on, your favorite picnic food and beverages (water and 1 snowcone per adult will be provided), camera phone for those participating in scavenger hunt, clothes that can get wet or dirty, a clean change of clothes, comfortable shoes, bug spray, sunglasses/sun hat, and a mask you can wear if you are not vaccinated.

Can I make or be part of a Field Day Team?
Absolutely! You can share the registration link with your friends or family members to sign up OR you can purchase several individual tickets for your team. We will group teams in groups of 5. We encourage you to name your Team or have a Team uniform.

Field Day coaches will place individually registered folks into Teams of 5.

How do we play these games?

Sack Race, Balloon Drop & Pop, Egg & Spoon Race

Solo Cup Stacking Race

Noodle Javelin

Water Balloon Toss



Fly Swatter Golf: At “Go”- Swat the plastic ball on ground until desired length of course then back to team. Next team member receives the swatter and completes the course. First team to complete all members wins.

Frisbee Water Fill Race: The Frisbee is used as a method of transporting water. Anyone who moves too quickly will lose too much water. Try out a round with the Frisbee balanced on the head.

Human Ring Toss: One non-throwing member stands still on the field acting as a post. Team players take turns throwing to try to “ring” their teammate. The non-throwing partner can clasp their hands together over their head and try to help the thrower “ring” them but they cannot move their feet.

Beach Ball Blaster: Line up the beach balls on the Starting Line. On “Go”, the first person on the relay team shoots their beach ball with their water gun around the cone and back to the start. Then the next Team player shoots. The first Team to shoot their beach ball over the finish line wins.

Freeze Dance: In this activity, everyone dance as the music plays. When the music stops, each player must freeze immediately and hold that position until the music begins again. If a player does not freeze immediately, they sit out or do 10 jumping jacks during the start of the next round and then rejoins the dance.

Scavenger Hunt: Players will get a list of things they must take a picture of (ex: a couple in love, or a cute puppy). The Team or individual that finds all the items and snaps a photo of each, wins.


What if it rains?
If there is inclement weather on the day of the event, we will contact you via email regarding our plans to postpone/ reschedule the event.