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Nearly 12 million uninsured women aged 19-44 will be able to sign up for quality, affordable health insurance — many getting coverage for the very first time — all because of the new health care law.

But opponents of the law want to take this away—and they have no plans to replace it.

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I believe in quality, affordable health care for all, and I know that Obamacare works.

The facts are clear: 47 million women now have birth control, cancer screenings, and other preventive health services at no out of pocket cost. Soon, 12 million uninsured women will qualify for coverage.

Obamacare is already working for millions of women, and it’s about to make a lifesaving difference for even more.

That’s why I won’t let anyone return us to the days when insurance companies could discriminate against women with higher premiums, or deny care to the sick because of preexisting conditions. It’s why I won’t let lawmakers keep women from getting the health care they need.

It’s why I’m committed to defending the progress we’ve made, to spreading the word and standing up for the facts, no matter what. Obamacare works – and I will fight for it. Sign me up.

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