State-level Attacks on Planned Parenthood

State Attacks on Women's Health

The vast majority of Americans oppose efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade — yet in state after state, Planned Parenthood is on the front lines fighting dangerous bills, regulations, and executive actions that would prevent a woman from making her own personal, private decision about her health and medical care. 

The last two years set records for the extent of bad legislation that was introduced and passed to restrict women’s health — everything from mandatory ultrasound laws to restrictions on access to birth control. More than 1,000 provisions related to women’s health were introduced in states over the last two years, and 257  of them became laws, the vast majority of which interfere with women’s health.

And 2013 could be worse.

When state legislatures reconvened in January — just two months after an historic election in which women’s health was a defining issue — bills to restrict women’s access to health care were introduced almost immediately in 36 states.

Map of Attacks on Women's Health Types of Attacks on Women's Health

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