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Diane Foley

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs (HHS)

Appointed: 5-29-2018

Who is Diane Foley?

Diane Foley has a long history of opposing sex education and access to abortion. At the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Diane Foley oversaw Title X — the nation’s program that ensures every person has access to affordable birth control and reproductive care. Foley had final say on which health care providers, including Planned Parenthood, got funding through Title X.

“[T]he destruction of conceived human life — whether embryonic, fetal, or viable — is a direct attack on the unique act of God’s [sic].

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What Diane Foley Controlled

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HHS is charged with protecting the health of all Americans. The Trump-Pence administration slowly reshaped HHS to roll back reproductive rights and limit access to health care.

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Background on Diane Foley

Running So-Called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

At Life Network, Diane Foley helped run fake women's health centers that the anti-abortion movement calls “crisis pregnancy centers.” What are “crisis pregnancy centers”? In the guise of providing health care, they  use false and inaccurate information to discourage people from having safe, legal abortions.

Color Lines
Saying Abortion is Like the Holocaust

Diane Foley has compared abortion to slavery and the Holocaust.

Opposing Sex Education on Condoms

Diane Foley has argued that demonstrating condom use to students in a sex education setting is too complicated and could be "sexually harassing."

Vice News
Expanding Her Power

Secretary of Health Alex Azar consolidated the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Title X under Diane Foley — despite the fact that she is an anti-birth control, anti-abortion, pro-abstinence advocate.

Rewire News
Leading an Anti-Abortion Organization

Before joining the Trump administration, Diane Foley was president and CEO of Life Network — an anti-abortion group sponsored by anti-LGBTQ hate group Focus on the Family.

Rewire News
Spreading Lies About Abortion

Foley used the myth of so-called "post-abortion syndrome" to argue that abortion causes mental health problems. This supposed syndrome has no scientific basis and is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. In fact, people are over 99% likely to say that their decision to have an abortion was the right choice.


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