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Heather Nauert

Former Spokesperson for the State Department

Appointed to State Department: 4-24-2017

Who is Heather Nauert?

Ex-Fox News anchor Heather Nauert had been serving as State Department spokesperson for about a year and a half when President Trump announced that he wanted her to become the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. But Nauert abruptly pulled herself out of the running in February 2019, just a few months after Trump’s announcement. As UN ambassador, Nauert would have been tasked with advising President Trump on foreign policy, representing the United States on the global stage, negotiating deals with other countries, and advancing human rights for all people. But she has a troubling perspective on human rights.

“We... look forward to [Heather Nauert] defending the administration’s pro-life priorities at the UN.”

Tell Congress: Support women’s health worldwide. End the global gag rule.

Here is what Heather Nauert controls

U.S. Department of State

The State Department advises the president and represents the United States in international affairs and foreign policy issues.

Policies the U.S. ambassador to the UN has supported

Global Gag Rule



Background on Heather Nauert

Following Nikki Haley’s Anti-Reproductive Rights Footsteps

If Trump had appointed Heather Nauert as UN ambassador, she would have replaced Nikki Haley. During Haley’s two years as UN ambassador, she led a wide range of efforts to roll back reproductive rights for women and girls worldwide. Neither Haley nor Nauert had any formal foreign policy experience when they were tapped by Trump for the position of UN ambassador.

Tracking Trump: Nikki Haley
No Policy Experience

Neither Heather Nauert nor Nikki Haley had any formal foreign policy experience when they were tapped by Trump for the position of UN ambassador. Before coming to the State Department, Nauert was most known for being a host on Fox & Friends.

Foreign Policy Magazine
Broadcasting Racist, Xenophobic Messages

At Fox News and as State Department Spokesperson, Heather Nauert has repeatedly and consistently supported the Trump-Pence administration’s harmful agenda and espoused racist, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-reproductive health rhetoric.

The Guardian
Dismissing the Flint Water Crisis

As a Fox News host, Heather Nauert cited unreliable sources to support harmful views on abortion, Muslims, and immigration. She also said the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, was a ploy to "get more black votes."

Withdrawing as UN Ambassador and Moving to White House Panel

Heather Nauert withdrew herself from consideration to the UN Ambassador post in February 2019 amid controversy over reports that she employed a nanny who did not have a proper visa to work in the United States.  In May 2019, Trump tapped Nauert to help oversee White House fellowships on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Huffington Post
Pushing Anti-Gay, Anti-Trans Rhetoric

Heather Nauert has spoken out against the LGBTQ community, and once dismissed gender-inclusive restrooms as "P.C."

Media Matters
Stirring Up Fear Against Muslim Americans

Heather Nauert’s newscasts have been peppered with Islamophobia, including one Fox segment in which Nauert criticized a YMCA swimming program that made accommodations for Muslim girls.

USA Today
Part of the Agenda to Fill the Administration with Extremists

As a mouthpiece for the administration, Heather Nauert’s nomination fit into Trump’s pattern of packing the administration with loyalists. In 2018, Nauert praised the State Department’s work to strip language about reproductive rights from its annual human rights reports.

Huffington Post
Boosting Hate Groups, Slashing Reproductive Rights Globally

Heather Nauert’s perspective follows the Trump-Pence administration’s global efforts to empower anti-LGBTQ hate groups and restrict reproductive rights — moves that have rolled back America’s standing as an ally to the sexual and reproductive rights movement.

Planned Parenthood Newsroom