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Scott Lloyd

Former Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS)

Resigned: June 2019

Who is Scott Lloyd?

Scott Lloyd has a long history of blocking access to abortion. Lloyd first joined the administration in 2017 as director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). ORR is charged with helping undocumented immigrant youth who enter the United States alone — but Lloyd had no prior experience working with refugees. Instead, Lloyd used the office for his personal crusade to block young immigrant women from accessing safe, legal abortion. Lloyd’s actions triggered backlash from reproductive rights and immigrant rights advocates, who delivered more than 270,000 petitions calling for his firing. In November 2018, Lloyd was reassigned to another office that still gave him control over access to health care. And in June 2019 he left the administration altogether.

“I suggest that the American people make a deal with women: So long as you are using the condom, pill or patch I am providing with my [Title X] money, you are going to promise not to have an abortion if [it] fails.”

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What Scott Lloyd Controlled at HHS

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Immigrant Access to Abortion

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Background on Scott Lloyd

Criticizing Trump for Giving Up on Blocking Access to Abortion

On Sept. 28, 2020 — the day before the Trump administration dropped its fight to deny abortion to detained immigrants — Lloyd wrote an op-ed calling on the federal government to carry on the fight. He noted that the Department of Justice ended its policy of interfering in young immigrants’ access to safe, legal abortion because they expected to ultimately lose in court.

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Controlling Detained Pregnant Women

As ORR director, Scott Lloyd traveled to personally meet with pregnant women in ORR detention facilities to coerce them out of choosing to have an abortion. He also received a weekly spreadsheet with information on every pregnant woman in ORR’s custody.

Writing a Book About His Anti-Abortion Beliefs

The administration announced that Scott Lloyd was being moved from ORR and reassigned within HHS following reports that he was writing a book about his anti-abortion beliefs. News of the book called Lloyd’s work ethic and anti-abortion bias into question. The book is a semi-autobiographical novel about a man’s regret at not stopping his sex partner from having an abortion.

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Leaving the Administration in June 2019

After Scott Lloyd’s anti-abortion memoir-style book was published in spring 2019, he left the administration completely.

Denying Undocumented Women’s Legal Access to Abortion

In 2017 an ACLU lawsuit charged the ORR under Lloyd’s direction with denying at least seven young women’s requests for abortion — even when the pregnancy resulted from rape. Lloyd also sparked outrage when he considered forcing a young immigrant woman to undergo an experimental, non-scientifically approved treatment to "reverse" an abortion.

Hiding the Truth

Scott Lloyd has contradicted himself in describing his time running the ORR. In March 2019, a House Judiciary Committee asked Lloyd if he tracked the menstrual cycles and pregnancies of girls in the ORR’s care and he denied doing so. But in separate deposition testimony, Lloyd admitted to receiving such a spreadsheet.

Helping to Direct Funding For Religious Groups

After Scott Lloyd was reassigned to HHS’s Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives, he played a role in choosing which religious groups got support for health program grants. He worked under Shannon Royce. She led the Center and worked to both restrict access to abortion and encourage anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in health care access.

Tracking Trump: Shannon Royce
Before HHS: Supporting So-Called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Before joining the administration, Scott Lloyd’s legal career was dedicated to preventing access to abortion. Lloyd previously served on the board of an anti-abortion counseling center, which often gives women inaccurate information about birth control and abortion.

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