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Even in this climate of rampant hate speech coming from elected officials, State Senator Dennis Baxley stands out for his racist and anti-abortion rhetoric. He proudly parrots white supremacist “replacement theory” that has been linked to recent hate crimes including mass shootings.

He’s supporting Senate Bill 404, forced parental consent for abortions, for this same reason.

According to The Guardian: More than half of so-called “alt-right killers” are motivated by the “white replacement” theory, which refers to the belief that white people will be systematically replaced by black and brown migrants.

Baxley on WLRN: “When you get a birth rate less than 2 percent, that society is disappearing,” he said of Western Europe. “And it’s being replaced by folks that come behind them and immigrate, don’t wish to assimilate into that society and they do believe in having children. So you see that there are long range impacts to your society when the answer is to exterminate.”

“Exterminate” is Baxley’s word for “abortion.” Baxley was recently caught on tape admitting that the parental consent for abortion bill up in his committee on November 12 is really a Trojan Horse he hopes will lead to banning all abortions in Florida.

We need you to ask the other legislators on the Senate Committee on Health Policy if they stand with Dennis Baxley’s hate speech and secret plan to end abortion access in Florida.

It was at a recent Christian Family Coalition event, where Baxley admitted the dark truth behind the real motivation for the introduction of SB 404. A vote for this bill is a vote to open the door to a flood of abortion restrictions that have, up until now, been overturned in the courts.

That’s the dark truth behind who supports this bill and why. And now, with Senate President Bill Galvano announcing his support, the bill is gaining momentum in both chambers.

A columnist in the conservative Sunshine State News remarked on Baxley’s “replacement theory” remarks saying, “If it were black women who were having all of the abortions, Baxley wouldn’t be introducing anti-abortion bills. He’d be offering up abortions buy-one-get-one-FREE!” She went on to say, “I looked for statements from [Senate President] Bill Galvano calling for Baxley to apologize. Couldn’t find any.”

Take Action!

Our youth leaders are speaking out against this secret plan to ban abortion in Florida but they need you to join their fight. Please contact the committee members who will cast the first votes on this bad bill in the Florida Senate and urge them to stop it.

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The Forced Parental Consent bill is an attack on Florida’s Roe V. Wade