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State of Emergency for Women’s Health

Six states have only one abortion-care provider. Soon, one state may have none.

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More than 100 years ago, Planned Parenthood was founded on this simple idea: Your body is your own. If it is not, we cannot be truly free or equal. 

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Is Abortion Legal in My State, and What Happens if Roe v. Wade is Overturned?


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Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Protect X: Why the Title X Gag Rule Matters

The Trump-Pence administration issued a "gag rule" that dismantles the Title X program, which provides affordable birth control and reproductive health care for millions of Americans.

Attacks on Planned Parenthood

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Download our digital swag kit now so you have all the tools you need to say you're in to #ProtectX and defend access to health care.

Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Sign Our People's Brief to Stop the Gag Rule

The Trump-Pence administration's gag rule will prevent patients who rely on Title X — our nation's only program focused on affordable birth control and reproductive health care — from accessing lifesaving care at Planned Parenthood health centers.

Healthcare Equity

Educate Yourself

Stay up-to-date with our blog, and read our “defund defined” page to understand more about what “defunding” Planned Parenthood really means.

State Attacks

Contact Elected Officials

Contact them to speak openly about how you feel on the bills they’ve introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they’ve received

Healthcare Equity

Wear Pink

New items at the Planned Parenthood store. Show your support as you go about your day — with shirts, signs, hats, buttons and more.

Abortion Access

Sign the Petition

Politicians in multiple states are advocating bans on abortion at a point before most women even know they're pregnant.

No six-week abortion bans.
No bans, PERIOD.

Healthcare Equity

Get Involved Locally

Check out volunteer and job opportunities across the country, and find your state below for local advocacy information and even more ways to get involved.

Healthcare Equity

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Together, we can win. Find an event near you or create your own.

Attacks on Planned Parenthood

Become a Defender

Join a core group of Planned Parenthood activists committed to protecting our reproductive rights and health care access.

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Justice, Knowledge, and Power: Meet the People of Raíz

In their own words, four organizers discuss why they push for public policies that truly represent the Latinx community — and work to protect access to health care.

June 14, 2019

Our Plan to Save Safe, Legal Abortion

The majority of people in America want to protect access to safe, legal abortion. Here’s how we’ll do it.

June 6, 2019

Did Missouri Just Block the Only Abortion Provider Left in the State? Almost.

Missouri is on the verge of becoming the first state without a single licensed abortion provider. Here are the facts (and what you can do to fight back).

June 5, 2019

Explore Key Players

Donald Trump

President of the United States

Mike Pence

Vice President of the United States

Alex Azar

Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Diane Foley

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs

Steven Valentine

Chief of Staff, HHS Assistant Secretary of Health

Bethany Kozma

Senior Advisor of the Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Margaret "Maggie" Wynne

Counselor for Human Services Policy

Betsy Devos

Secretary of Education

Valerie Huber

Senior Policy Advisor at the HHS Office of Global Affairs; Former Senior Policy Advisor for the Assistant Secretary for Health

Sam Brownback

U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom

National News

With us in New Jersey

U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman joins Planned Parenthood New Jersey to “Protect X”

In New Jersey, more than 70 percent of the patients served by Title X received care at a Planned Parenthood health center. 

From Wisconsin

Milwaukee Plans To Provide Doulas To 100 Women

A proposal is making its way through the city and Milwaukee County to spend $52,000 to develop the pilot program that would improve birth and maternal health outcomes in Milwaukee’s 53206 zip code

In Michigan

Health sciences dialogue brings attention to racism in maternal healthcare

All of the readings that were assigned today really focus on issues such as poor prenatal care, poor access to care, and relationships between the providers and the patients that were described.

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