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Listen To Health Care Professionals: No Abortion Ban in Florida

This letter sends a clear signal to lawmakers: the health care community is firmly opposed to a 15-week abortion ban.

Pay Attention: More than 450 Florida health care professionals say NO to a 15-week abortion ban

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The proposed abortion ban - H.B. 5/S.B. 146 - would arbitrarily ban abortion care at 15 weeks in an alarming attempt to insert politics into the patient-clinician relationship. If it passes, the consequences for our fellow Floridians would be dire. 

More than 450 Florida health care professionals come together in strong opposition to any legislation that interferes with evidence-based, patient-centered care. 

Read the full letter from more than 450 health care professionals

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Open Letter to Florida Lawmakers: Oppose HB 5 and SB 146


As of February 7, 2022, nearly 540 health care professionals from across the state of Florida have signed the following open letter to state lawmakers opposing H.B. 5/S.B. 146, legislation that would ban abortion care at 15 weeks. Signed by specialties and disciplines spanning the spectrum of clinical care, this letter sends a clear signal to lawmakers: the health care community is firmly opposed to this harmful legislation.

As Florida health care professionals committed to ensuring our patients have access to the full range of comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care, we write in strong opposition to any legislation that interferes with evidence-based, patient-centered care. H.B. 5/S.B. 146, which would arbitrarily ban abortion care at 15 weeks gestation, is one such alarming attempt to improperly insert politics into the patient-clinician relationship, and the consequences for our fellow Floridians would be dire. This legislation is bad medicine and bad policy, and we urge you to reject it for numerous reasons:

● Being denied abortion care can have serious long-lasting consequences for a person’s physical health, including leading to serious medical conditions during the end of pregnancy, and can inflict long-term harm on their emotional well-being and socioeconomic security. The social and economic repercussions of being denied a wanted abortion are also felt by the person’s family– including their children.

● Major medical organizations, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have consistently opposed policies that defy current well-established medical practice and scientific facts—as S.B. 146 and H.B. 5 do. Organizations representing physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals are united against bans like the one included in this legislation as fundamentally at odds with the provision of safe and essential abortion care, with scientific evidence, and with medical ethics.

 ● The science is settled: abortion care is extremely safe. Studies have continually affirmed the safety record of abortion, and have concluded that, in fact, the greatest threat to the quality of abortion care in the United States are the litany of unnecessary and burdensome government regulations, including those like S.B. 146 and H.B. 5.

 ● This legislation would inflict particular harm on Floridians already facing the most barriers to care, including Black and Indigenous communities, other people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, and those living in geographically isolated areas. Our patients here in Florida would be forced to travel an average of 570 miles farther to the nearest clinic, significantly increasing both the cost and the risks associated with pregnancy, particularly for those patients with high-risk pregnancies.

 ● Passing restrictive abortion laws like S.B. 146 and H.B. 5 could undermine our efforts to recruit and retain clinicians in Florida. Currently practicing clinicians would also have little incentive to move to—or stay in—a state with mandates so fundamentally contrary to scientific and medical facts.

● Pregnancy can be a high-risk time in a person's life. Abortion may be medically necessary to preserve a patient’s health, future fertility, or their life. Bans such as S.B. 146 and H.B. 5 would force clinicians into an unconscionable choice: deny patients needed care or break the law.

 ● Our state is already facing widening and unsustainable health care access divides. Floridians need policymakers who will champion sound public health policies, rather than waste time and resources denying our communities access to essential reproductive health care.

As health care professionals, we see first-hand the harm arbitrary restrictions on abortion care cause our patients. Whether our patients are ready to build or create their family, already parenting, or have decided not to continue a pregnancy, all of them share something in common – they are making thoughtful, at times difficult, decisions about their health and well-being. Each of them must have access to high quality health care, including abortion care, without political interference, barriers or delays. You must act to put an end to this legislation. The health and well-being of Floridians and the communities we care for depend on you.



Andrea Friall, MD, Tallahassee Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH, Miami Jessica B Oliveira, DMS, MSPA, Miami Claudia Alvarez, DO, Miami Rachel Rapkin, MD, MPH, Tampa Sierra Iwanicki, PhD, Tampa Jennifer Jain, MD, Tampa Lorena Bonilla, MD, MS, Miami Rachel Dawkins, MD, St. Petersburg Megan Selbst, MD, Tampa Shannon Schmelzer, APRN, Tampa Anonymous, MD, MSc, FACOG, Brooksville Anja Alpendre, PharmD, Tampa Shelly Holmstrom, MD, Tampa Jaime Thompson, MD, Tampa Emma Hale, Medical Student, Tampa Gregoire Calon, MS3, Tampa Reka Muller, MSPH, CGC, Tampa Anonymous, PhD, Tampa Emre Guvenli, Medical Student, Tampa Jamie Shapiro, PharmD, Tampa Anjali Nirmalani-Gandhy, MD, Tampa Anthony Kendle, MD, Tampa Lara Dickerson, MSW, Tampa Anonymous, PT, Tampa Anonymous, LPN, Tampa George Concepcion, MS3, Tampa Nazia Hossain, Medical Student, Tampa Alyssa Brown, MD, Tampa Quincy Shuda, MS3, Tampa Kristen Trinca, MD, Jacksonville Marci Crowley, BS, Medical Student, Tampa Mona Vishin Mangat, MD, St Petersburg Sahiti Gilela, MS3, BS, Tampa James Isaac Sprang, RN, Tampa Heather Murphy, RN, MSN, CNM, Tampa Tegan Hunter, MD, Miami Cecille Tapia-Santiago, MD, Daytona Beach Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD, Gainesville Nisha Bubna, MD, Miami Howard Goodman MD, West Palm Beach Scott Dunkin, DO, Miami Luis Leyva Jr, MD, Miami Washington C. Hill, MD, Sarasota Nikolina Jonah, MD, Gainesville Jiten Patel, MD, Florida Daniel Schwartz, MD, FACOG, Florida Alex Birman, MD, Aventura Lauren Hand, MD, Jacksonville Gary DeVane, MD, Winter Park Lorraine K Bello, MD, Summerfield Aparna Dacha, MD, Orlando Elizabeth Elbadri, MD, Orlando Antonio J. Santos Roca, MD, Saint Petersburg Erin Burnett, MD, Jacksonville Paul A. Gluck, MD, Key Biscayne Mauricio Y Bitran, MD, FACOG, Miami Beach Tanya Gonzalez, MD, Miami Rebecca Lane, MD, MPH, Miami Lindsey McAlpin, MD, Pensacola David Hoffman, MD, Parkland Michelle Silva, MD, Orlando Gary K Person, MD, Coconut Grove Tess Chase, MD, Clearwater LaKrystal J. Warren, MD, Winter Park Jeanne Eckert, MD, Pensacola Shelly Tien, MD, Jacksonville Carolyn Monaco, DO, Naples Naomi Surman, MD, Tampa Mayra Cruz Ithier, MD, St Petersburg Jill M Palko, MD, FACOG, Fort Myers Brian Kellogg, MD, Orlando Tory A. Finley, MD, Gainesville Mariah Montenegro, RN, St. Petersburg Eliza Gallo Bruscato, MD, Maitland Jose M. Perez Yordan, MD, St. Petersburg Erin Finch CNM, WHNP-BC, Oviedo Jessica Williams, MD, Highland Beach Cassady Hild, PharmD, Clearwater Kent Ikeler, Fort Lauderdale Anonymous, MD, Ocala Katie Caldwell CNM, Eustis Natalie Munoz-Sievert, MD, Orlando Lucas Sievert, LMHC, Orlando Susan Read, MD, Tampa Alan LeRoy, MD, West Palm Beach Meadow Good, DO, FACOG, Orlando Farah Chuong, MD, Miami Kathleen Pope, MD, Tampa Nancy Zicker, BSN, RN, C-EFM, Daytona Beach Shores Rajendra Sawh-Martinez, MD, Orlando Debra Anne Jones, MD, West Palm Beach Karen A Toppi, MD, Palm Coast Anonymous, MD, Largo Franz Rivera, MD, Miami Beach Daniel Sacks, MD, FACOG, Boynton Beach Sabrina Pavri, MD, MBA, FACS, Orlando Lauren Robertson, MS4, Miami Nicole McConnell, MD, Brandon Doug McConnell, MD, Tampa Danielle Brennan, RN, Tampa Karla Ortiz-Gonzalez, MD, Florida Val Petrosian, MD, Mount Kisco Ani Danelz, MA, CCC-SLP, Orlando Jaime Dickerson, MD, Miami Robert Grenitz, MD, Weston Kamla Gauri, MD, Saint Pete Beach Theresa Watkins, RN, CNM, Mount Dora Deborah White, MD, Tampa Nelly Durr Chambers, MD, Tampa Stephen Weinstock, MD, Largo Amy Weiss, MD, MPH, Tampa Sarah B. Kline, MD, FACOG, Tampa Jenny E Michael, MD, Saint Petersburg Mark Wolf, MD, Panama City Brittney Mason, MD, Jacksonville Sydney Korsunsky, BS, Tampa Shelbi Erp, Medical Student, Tampa Maritza Rivera Montalvo, MD, Gainesville Michelle Bruner, DO, FAOCD, Tampa Veronica Wright, APRN, CNM, St. Petersburg Katherine Apostolakis-Kyrus, MD, Tampa Noelle Jacobsen, DNP, CNM, APRN, Altamonte Springs Frank C Riggall, MD, Orlando Corley Rachelle Price, MD, Tampa Kelly Thibert, DO, MPH, Florida Anonymous, Medical Student, Tampa Toby Marshall, MD, Daytona Beach Donna Blair, MD, North Port Robert Slackman, MD, Sarasota Betsy Brothers, MD, Naples Paul Gaither, MD, FACOG, Bonita Springs Bruce D Shephard, MD, Tampa Stephanie Staples, APRN, CPNP-BC, Tampa Gerald B. Applegate, MD, Miami Leslie L Ferrara, DMD, Tampa Michelle Fuoco, MA, CCC-SLP, Tampa Lauri Hochberg, MD, Tampa Bradley Sipe, MD, Tampa Delbert Booher, MD, Bonita Springs Amy Brown, MD, Tampa Veronica M. Alvarez-Galiana, MD, FACOG, Miami Theresa Dam Lohmiller, MD, Tampa Anonymous, MS3, Florida Ana-Alicia Leonso, MD, Pembroke Pines Larry Spiegelman MD, Miami Ryan Brosch, MD, Clearwater Tiffany Tonismae, MD, Tampa Jennifer Ward, MD, Brooksville Lauren Lynch, MD, Orlando Melissa Schechter, MD, Orlando Aubrey Engert, CNM, Orlando Stephen Snow, MD, FACOG, Santa Rosa Beach Rachel Braunstein, MD, Miami William LeMaire, MD, Coral Gables AnnaMaria Maples, MD, Gainesville Latashia Lelea MD, MPH, Gainesville Genester Wilson-King, MD, FACOG, Lake Mary Leonardo Santana, MD, Orlando Henna Ahsan, MD, Gainesville Anonymous, MD, West Palm Beach Janelle Alvarez, DO, Gainesville Jessica Olsen, CNM, WHNP-BC, Deltona Zane Frazer, MD, Orlando Tomas Marimon, MD, Miami Khyaati Modii, MD, Orlando Kimberly Bailey, RN, Tampa Ann S. Hatfield, MD, Gainesville Hannah Hong, DO, MPH, Orlando Amanda Quirin, LMSW, Tampa James P. Smith, MD, FACOG, Orange Park Courtney Rhoades, DO, MBA, Jacksonville Maya Tome, MD, Orlando Harini Karunasiri, MD, Orlando Anonymous, MD, Orlando Serena Joseph, MD, Orlando Melissa Ho, PharmD, Tampa Ryan Findlay, DO, Orlando Nicole Hoffman, APRN, Orlando Cecilia Grande, MD, FACOG, NCMP, Miami Dr. Anna Lowell, DO, MPH, Eustis Nicole Melanson, MD, Jacksonville Shona Velamakanni, MD, Naples Galina Shistik, MD, Florida Melissa Soltero, MD, Orlando Benjamin Levy, MD, Orlando Walter Mendieta, MD, Florida PMW, MD, Naples Christ Robertson, MD, Hialeah Georgia Graham, MD, Gainesville Areisa Peters, MD/MPH, Gainesville Shannon Allen, PA-C, Gainesville Shazia, Bashir, MD, MPH, Gainesville Emma Kissell, PA-C, Gainesville Elizabeth Wilkinson, MD, Gainesville Anonymous, MD, Retired Maya Ramirez, PhD, ABPP-CN, Tampa Mary C Yankaskas, MD, FACOG, Fort Myers Eryn Wanyonyi, MD, Gainesville Rachel Carr, PA-C, Tampa Edwina Zant, MSN, St Augustine Sarah St. Louis, MD, Orlando Alvin Martinez, DO, FACOG, Davie Alex Carroll, MD, Orlando Amanda L Wilmot, DO, Orlando Paul Kardon, MD, Naples Anonymous, MD, Orlando William S. Koller, Jr., MD, Naples Lonna Gordon, MD, PharmD, Orlando Shelly Holmstrom, MD, Tampa James Shwayder, MD, JD, Venice Shannon O’Hara, MD, Cape Coral Karem Alvarez, MD , Tampa Jessica Lindquist, BHS, MD candidate, Tampa Ronica Nanda, MD, Tampa Shannon Covitz, DO, Tampa Sadia Najamuddin, DO, Tampa Linh Phuong T. Dinh, MD, Trinity Michelle Rook, MD, Tampa Sapnalaxmi Amin, MD, Tampa Bianca Karber, MD, Tampa Shreena Patel, MD, Tampa Crystal Jacovino, DO, Tampa Sarah Sidhu, MD, Tampa Amanda Pennington, MD, Largo Jennifer Russell, DO, Riverview April Silva, MD, Sarasota Taylor Wolmer, DO, Palm harbor Shelby Hartwell, MD, Orlando Rosario Hidalgo, MD, Tampa G Dougan, MD, Tampa Martha A Price, MD, Tampa Yasaman Mohadjer, MD, St Petersburg Leidy Isenalumhe, MD, MS, Lutz Leah Kemble, DO, Florida SLR, MD, St Petersburg Daniela Uebelhart , MD, Saint Petersburg Caitlin McMullen, MD, Florida Lisa Moudgill, MD, Tampa Abonymous, MD, Orlando Gretta Fridman, MD, Tampa Soniely Lugo-Ruiz, MD, FAAP, Lakeland Heidi Arnold, MD, Tampa Shireen Madani Sims, MD, Gainesville Kris Kennedy, MD, FACOG, Key West Maureen Whelihan, MD, FACOG, Lake Worth Julie Hallanger Johnson, MD, Tampa Karen E. Harris, MD, MPH, Gainesville Ana Maria Oliva, MD, Tampa Kelly Mamelson, MD, Gainesville Amanda Smith, MD, Tampa Nicole Fanarjian, MD, MSCR, FACOG, Tampa Joanna Barris, DO, Florida Kaley Tash, MD, Tampa Michael Shafique, MD, Tampa Monique Sajjad, DO, Saint Petersburg Yue Li, MD, MHS, Tampa Shetal Patel-Gandhi, MD, Florida Anonymous, MD, Tampa Lindsey Shoemaker, MD, Saint Petersburg Sarah Obican, MD, Tampa Kinjal Shah, MD, Florida Courtney Poston, MD , Orlando Allison Polender, MD, Tampa Anonymous, DO, MBA, New Port Richey Sarah Persad, MS3, Tampa Terry A. Haag, DO, FACOG, Orlando Washington Hill, MD, Sarasota Arlin Delgado, MD, Tampa Allyson Lomberk, RNC, Winter Garden Eva Grant, DO, Tampa Alice Schreiber, DNP, CNM, APRN, Sarasota Trelvis L Ragin, MD, Riverview Lisandra Calzadilla, MD, Miami Francesca Trimarche, RN, Orlando Casey Gentile, MS4, Sarasota Joan McCarthy, MD, Tampa Lydia Tortorici, MS4, Tallahassee Jessica Brumley, CNM, PhD, Tampa Maylenid, Oyola, MS4, Orlando Amy Reid, MA, CCC-SLP, Plantation Ishana Shetty, MD, Gainesville Shelly Holmstrom, MD, Tampa Nevena Krstić, MS, CGC, Tampa Liliya Passman, CNM APRN, Tampa Jan M Lanouette, MD, Tampa Becc Skolnick, RN, Clearwater Jessica Padilla, MD, Tampa Anonymous MSN, RN, Largo Heather Galon, MD, Tampa Ana Negrón, MD, Tampa Nalini Hasija, MD, Tampa Bri Anne McKeon, MD, Tampa Leah Genn, MS4, Sarasota Danielle Hardman, MD, Tampa Ambreen Qureshi, MD, Lutz Entidhar Al Sawah, MD, Tampa Shannon Schellhammer, MD, Winter Park Tim Gemesi, MS3, Sarasota Kay Roussos-Ross, MD, Gainesville Britt Manobianco MD, Tampa Kimberly Thompson, MD, Miami Anthony Shaya, MD, Jupiter Rachel G. Humphrey, MD, Orlando Diane F Scully, R.D.H., Fort Lauderdale Daniel, Malek, MD, Orlando Carol Cox MD, Tampa Vidhi Shah, MD, Tampa Garcia, MD, Fort Lauderdale Erika Wert, MD, Gainesville Savita, Pai MD, Jacksonville Sujatha Prabhakaran MD, MPH, Sarasota Robyn Schickler, MD, MSc, Tampa Anna Lowell, DO, MPH, Eustis Jon Yenari, MD, Sarasota Melanie Bone, MD, FACOG, West Palm Beach Tina O'Shea, MD, Gainesville Ketty Consuegra, MS2, Tallahassee Michael F Finkel, MD, FAAN, FFSN, Naples Kyrstina Stearns, PA-C, Fort Lauderdale Rizwana Fareeduddin, MD, MBA, FACOG, Gainesville Guy Benrubi, MD, Jacksonville Rebeca Martínez, MD, FACOG, HCE-C, Miami Anna Varlamov, MD, Orlando John Caravello, MD, Wellington Haywood L Brown, MD, Tampa Anonymous, MD, Tampa Amy Haddock, MD, FACOG, Tallahassee Steven J Ory, MD, Margate Elizabeth Etkin-Kramer MD, FACOG, Miami Beach Julie Decesare, MD, Gulf Breeze Katrina Majstorovic, MD, Miami Lisa Moss, CNM, Tampa Maria Lina Diaz, MD, Davie Javier Perez, MD, FACS, Orlando Lindsey Koss, MD, Winter Park Anonymous, DO, Miami Megan B. Monroe, MD, Judette Louis, MD, Tampa Anonymous, MD, Miami Kimberly Fryer, MD MSCR, Tampa Georgia, Huffman, MS4, Pensacola Cole D. Greves, MD, Orlando Stacy De-Lin, MD, Sarasota Jennifer Rizzo, MD, Tampa Dione Occenad-Nimmo, MD, West Palm Beach Daniel R. Christie, MD, Davie Melanie Marcille, MD Candidate, Yohana Cabrera, MD, Hialeah, Terrence Harris, MD, FACOG, George Thomas, MD, Gainesville, Lilly Gonzalez, MD, Catherine Kowal, MD, Naples Demilade Adedinsewo, MD, Jacksonville Kelly Thibert, DO, MPH, Miranda Solly, Medical Student, Gainesville Elisa Krill-Jackson, MD, Miami Madison Matsuda, Medical Student, Gainesville Anonymous, MD, St. Petersburg James Seltzer, DO, Orlando Alice Beneke, Medical Student, Gainesville, Christina Adams, MD, Jacksonville Haley Fox, MS1, Gainesville Briana Merkher, MD, Tampa Lindsay Leider, CNM, Boca Raton Abneris Rivera, MD, St Petersburg Tammy Nguyen, MD, St Petersuburg Michelle Ozcan, MD, Kissimmee Ashley Simenson, MPH, Gainesville Savanna Gornisiewicz, Medical Student, Gainesville Ashley Lisiewski, DO, Davie Mona El-Gayar, MD, Gainesville Kanthi Dhaduvai, MD, Jacksonville Nelly Durr Chambers, MD, Tampa Nelly A Otero, MD, Clermont Anonymous, MD, FACOG, Daytona Beach Alexis Pitcairn-Ramirez, APRN, Miami Mark Michels, MD, FACS, Palm Beach Gardens Debra Linzer, MD, Miami Elizabeth Peek, DO, Tampa Katie Propst, MD, Tampa Morgan Andreoni, Medical Student, Gainesville Jeffrey Livingston, MD, Panama City Beach Anonymous, MD, Florida Anonymous, MD, Florida Sara Cortes, MD, Miami Anonymous, MD JD, Naples David, Rapkin, MD, Tampa Ryan Hanusek, DO, Saint Petersburg Paul Arons, MD, Tallahassee Jonathan Appelbaum, MD, Monticello Laura Rosner, MD, Tallahassee Ashley Hilbert, PA-S1, Gainesville Rose Hayet, MD, FACOG, Deerfield Beach Helen Paulson, MD, Tallahassee Kara Brogan, MD, Naples Mary E Seay, MD, Tallahassee Lisa Granville, MD, Tallahassee Karolina Pudilova, MD, Tallahassee Michelle Fletcher MD, Miami Amy Neal, MD, MBA, Tallahassee Celeste M. Paquette, MD, Tallahassee Roy Forman, MD, Tallahassee Meredith McKinney, MD, Tallahassee Mansukhlal Padalia, MD, Tallahassee Tatyana Goldin, DO, Hallandale Anonymous, MD, Boca Raton Anonymous, MD, Miami Susan Fox, DO, Miami Sumana Narayanan, Miami Maricer Escalon, MD, MS, MBA, Miami Jana Bures-Forsthoefel, MD, Tallahassee Melissa Kwan, MD, Weston Kiranmayi Muddasani,, Miami Beach Laura Ramirez-Caban, MD, Fort Lauderdale Michael Forsthoefel, MD, Tallahassee Deanna McCullough, MD, Jacksonville Robert Poling, MD, Marco Island Mary- Beatrice De Leon, MD, Coral Springs Ellison Ellison, MD, Pensacola Adrea Samoleski, MD, Boca Raton Coley Rosenfeld, MD, Boca Raton Tali Rombro, DO, Coral Springs Barbara W Williams, MD, Tallahassee Morgan Sendzischew Shane, MD, Miami Lauren Lerner, MD, Miami Conine, Sierra, MS3, Ft Lauderdale Anonymous, MD, Pompamo Beach Rannah Dabiri, MS3, Fort Lauderdale Hila Beckerman, MD, Delray Beach Corine Munnings Wells, MD, Naples Vicki Norton, MD, Boca Raton Kathryn Russell, MD, Naples LaToya Patterson-Branam, DO, Clearwater Anonymous, MPH, MSN, WHNP-BC, Hollywood Jami Gibson, MD, Tampa Nicole Fanarjian, MD, Tampa Sara Lane, MD, Fort Myers Ana Silva, DO, Wellington Tommy Enoch, MD, Tallahassee Shweta Akhouri, MD, Miami Alice Pomidor, MD, Tallahassee Anonymous, MD, Davie Michelle Quintin, MD, Jacksonville Julie Schottenstein, DPM, Miami Scott A Rodger, MD, Eustis Andrew Brohl, MD, Tampa Ron Saff, MD, Tallahassee Lori Rosenberg MD, Tallahassee Lauren Delgado Hardegree, DO, Miami Nichole Corry, MD, Jupiter Sheila Devanesan, MD, FACOG, St Petersburg Beth Jacobs, DO, Fort Lauderdale Jacqueline Montoya MD, Delray Beach Suzanne L Steele, MD, Plantation John L Williams, MD, Tallahassee Nirit Swerdloff, MD, Coral Springs Sara M Shunkwiler, MD, Gainesville Alessandra Milesi-Halle, MD, PhD, Miami Rachel Tate, DO, West Palm Beach Blake Buchanan, MD, Lutz Shannon Nash DNP, FNP-C, Tampa Greene, Hayden, MS-3, St Petersburg Sonja A Rasmussen, MD, Gainesville Lauren Edelberg, DO, Miami Demetri Andreadis, DO, West Palm Beach Amulya Konda, MD, Tallahassee Rajeshri Patel, MD, Tallahassee Sarah R Wellik, MD, Davie Russell W. Eggert, MD, MPH, Tallahassee Peter A. Marzek, MD, Tavares Anonymous, MD, Tallahassee Michael S Levine, MD, Winter Park Lorraine Mendez, MD, Tampa Ioana Rider, MD, Davie Aparna Rajadhyaksha, MD, Miami Shaily Shah, DO, Tampa Amanda Horn, MD, Fort Pierce Tejumola Apata, MD, Gainesville Anonymous, MD, Miramar Ana-Alicia Leonso, MD, Pembroke Pines P.j. Sanzone, CSFA, CST, CRPhT, CRCST, Tallahassee Cassie Schuster, MS4, Sarasota Leyaini Cabezas, MD, Hollywood Dr Claire MD, FACc, Jupiter Carrie Firestone Baum, MD, MPH, Delray Beach Lauren Elliott, MD, Stuart Sarasija Nagella, MD, Tampa Anonymous, DO, Tampa Amy N. Zitiello, DO, MPH,FAAP, Palm Harbor Jennifer Morrison, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Tampa Jennifer Foster, MD, Boca Raton Nina Phillips Bernstein, DO, FAAP, Weston Benjamin N. Abo, DO, Naples Jasmine Weaver, DO, Riverview Emily Stetler, MD, Orlando Georgine Lamvu, MD, MPH, Windermere Rachel Humphrey, MD, Orlando Cielo Rose, DO, MPH, Tallahassee Evelyn Ramirez, MD, Orlando Lindsay Maguire, MD, Orlando Talia Cola, MD, Orlando Tessa Stamile, MD, Orlando Opal Sekler, MD, Orlando Reshma Sharma, DO, Orlando Danielle DiCesare, MD, Orlando Anonymous, MD, MPH, Orlando Thanh Nguyen, MD, Tampa Tyler Moriarty, MD, Orlando Rachael Sabra, MS4, Tallahassee Jayati. C. Singh, MD, Tallahassee Eric Loevinger, MD, Tallahassee Thanh-Phuong Afiat, MD, Tampa Sanlly Perez Ceballos, MD, tampa Gregory K. Todd, JD, MD, Tallahassee Silvia Salgado, MD, Tampa Katherine Dong, MD, Orlando Paula Montgomery, MD, Pensacola Jodi Fiedler, MD, Boca Raton Alison Dubin, DO, Miami Beach Blaire Banfield, MD, Orlando Anonymous, MD, Sanford Rami Bustami, MD, Orlando Becca Marks, DO, FACOG, Tampa Monica Lee, MD, FACOG, Tampa Heather Shonk, MSN, APRN, CNM, PMHNP-BC, Odessa Andrew Gasca, DO, Tamp Amanda Reidler, PharmD, BCPS, Orlando Bryce Bergeron, MD, Orlando Luis Leyva Jr, MD, Miami Miranda Marcus, Certified Nurse Midwife, Fort Myers Caitlin Goodwin, DNP, CNM, RN, Lake Worth Beach Patrick Brown, MD, Tallahassee Nicole Derish, MD, Miami Ramkrishna Sharma, MD, MPH, Key West


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