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This week, on the anniversary of Roe v Wade, it was announced that Delaware’s anti-choice politicians were going to propose dangerous abortion restrictions to the legislature. Even 46 years after the monumental case that legalized abortion, anti-choice politicians are still trying to chip away at that right.

On Thursday HB52/SB21 (a 20-week ban) and HB53/SB19 (an ultrasound and fetal heart tone bill) were introduced. Let’s be clear, these bills are not about protecting women, and instead are about shaming and intimidating women from making the health care choices that are best for them.

Abortion restrictions written by politicians, not doctors, that are not based in science and are instead about shaming women and restricting access to safe, legal medical procedures, should have no place in Delaware.


Here is what you need to know about the bills:

HB52/SB21 “The Pain Capable Unborn Child Act” aka the 20-week ban
  • 20-week bans are unscientific and have been condemned by doctors such as the American Colleges of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, the Royal College of Obstetrics, and Physicians for Reproductive Health. This bill is based on claims that are not based in science, and have been debunked by medical experts time and time again.
  • 20-week bans take decision making power away from women and puts it in the hands of politicians. Deciding to have an abortion should be a decision that women make with their doctors, where they get to decide what is best for them. Banning abortion at 20-weeks takes the choice away from women.
  • 20 week bans are unconstitutional and a clear attempt to chip away at Roe. Proponents of 20-week abortion bans are vocal about their goals to overturn Roe. In 2017, Delaware codified Roe v Wade with SB5, and we are not ready to go back now.


HB53/SB19 “The Woman’s Ultrasound Right to Know Act”
  • Ultrasound bills shame and intimidate women. While claiming to provide women with more information, this bill ultimately seeks to shame and dissuade women from exercising their legal and constitutional right to abortion.
  • This bill chips away at a woman’s right to an abortion in Delaware. This mandate on healthcare providers is not necessary nor does it benefit women’s health. This bill is not about protecting patients or their right to a legal abortion, rather it seeks to make it more difficult to obtain an abortion in Delaware.
  • This bill is insulting to women. It assumes that women are not capable of making moral decisions and that they make personal decisions to terminate a pregnancy, hastily and without careful consideration. 

At Planned Parenthood, our top priority is making sure that every woman, no matter where she lives, can make her own personal, private health care decisions without politicians standing in the way.  These bills pose a serious threat to women’s health, ignoring women’s individual needs and circumstances.

Join us in opposing these bills! Tell your representative that you do not support HB52/SB21 and HB53/SB19!