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Why We Support Suzanne Kugler:

Suzanne is an Emerge graduate and finds meaning through service. Whether it is helping others to be included in the classroom as an educator, caring for the community as a citizen, or helping others simply be their best, Suzanne wants to make sure her community has the resources and policies in place that can support progress for people to live a life of dignity.

  • Will protect our environment and support our education system. 

  • Values comprehensive age appropriate sex education, gender awareness and diversity. 

  • Stands for access to birth control and fairness protections in Kentucky.

  • Supports the Affordable Care Act.  

We are proud to endorse Suzanne because she is leading the way for our next generation as a progressive college professor who teaches students to foster social justice and create communities of tolerance and respect in their own classrooms.

As we lead the charge against attacks on health care access and reproductive rights, we know Suzanne will stand strong on important issues for all Kentuckians.

Kevin Bratcher (R) is bad for Kentucky. He:

Is a member of the pro-life caucus and believes abortion should be illegal, even in cases of rape and incest. He has sponsored racist policy targeting communities of color through legislation like the “anti-gang bill” and does not support same sex marriage. 

HD 29 deserves a representative who will fight to empower all Kentuckians, listen to their concerns and lift up their voices, rather than silence them.


Voting Information

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