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The summer is winding down, but our advocacy work beyond legislative session persists. When you #AdvocateAllYear, you build on the hard work we do during legislative session to create a sustainable force ready to protect sexual and reproductive health on a moment’s notice. 

This month, help raise awareness for the fights ahead and build our coalition to be even stronger for those fights. Here are three actions to complete for August’s #AdvocateAllYear campaign:

1. Share our blog post on social media entitled:  “Roe v. Wade is in Jeopardy. What Does It Mean For Iowa  to raise awareness about the intersection of the state and federal fights for abortion access. Here are some captions you can use to share the blog:

  • Our right to access safe and legal abortion is on the line. The U.S. Supreme Court is gearing up to hear its first abortion case since conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the court. The case directly challenges the precedent set by the ruling on Roe v. Wade nearly 50 years ago. Now is our time to sound the alarm about what our future could be in Iowa.  
  • Iowa politicians are trying to push a constitutional amendment that puts our right to safe, legal abortion at risk. Meanwhile the United States Supreme Court is preparing to hear a major abortion case on Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban. This is a direct challenge to the right to abortion as set by the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade. We must protect the right to control our bodies and health care.
  • With Roe v. Wade in jeopardy at the Supreme Court and Iowa politicians proposing a permanent change to take away rights from Iowans, a future without access to safe and legal abortion is very possible in our state. 
  • This is the moment anti-abortion activists and politicians have been waiting for. That is why I am speaking out—because my rights depend on it.



2. Text 3 friends to sign up for Planned Parenthood email alerts. By inviting the reproductive rights and justice champions you know, you help us build a strong base of supporters for the fights that lie ahead. Forwarding an invitation today to your friends is easy with the free app, Impactive.

  • Impactive (formerly known as Outvote) is a platform built to empower and build grassroots campaigning through technology and relational organizing. Signing up for Impactive provides supporters with the resources they need to recruit and organize their friends, family and local communities to get connected with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa and our important work.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Impactive and Planned Parenthood will never directly communicate with any of your phone contacts. The whole purpose of relational organizing is to connect people to causes through peer-to-peer contact. That’s why as a user, you will be the one reaching out to members of your community, sharing content developed by experts in our organization to your friends and family to connect them to our work for sexual and reproductive health care. It is only then, if they decide to sign up as a result of your contact, that they can be contacted by our organization.
  • Need help getting set up with Impactive, check out this resource page or reach out to Gabriela Fuentes ([email protected]) for more information.  

3. Show your support for Planned Parenthood by purchasing, wearing, and sharing your swag on social. Our online store, in partnership with RAYGUN, features exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else and benefits Planned Parenthood North Central States’ health care services, sex education, and advocacy. 


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