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We won't go back to an Iowa without safe, legal abortion.

The proposed constitutional amendment (HSB 41) is one of the most extreme attacks on Iowans' health in Iowa history. If it passes, the amendment would take away Iowans' right to make the private health care decisions that are best for their own unique circumstances. It is the most permanent way for politicians to eliminate rights and does not need approval by the governor. 

Let's call this amendment what it is: an attempt to ban abortion in Iowa. Anti-abortion legislators hope to pass this legislation in conjunction with setting the stage for Roe v. Wade to be overturned by the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court. We must act now.

Stop the Ban

Email the members of the House Judiciary committtee now and tell them DO NOT pass this legislation out of committtee. Find the list of committee members' email addresses below, as well as a sample message you can use to craft your own message.

House Judiciary Members

Sample Message

Dear [elected official],

There is so much to be done to support Iowans right now. We’re in the midst of a pandemic with consequential impacts on our health and society.  Systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence, while always present, have been brought to the forefront of public attention. And armed militants threaten our democracy and our communities at the national and local level.

That's why it's important you do not pass the constitutional amendment (HSB 41) out of committee. Instead, focus on the needs of Iowans, and adhere to our priorities. Last year, the Des Moines Register reported that most Iowans oppose a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state Constitution. That has not changed. 

I ask you to reject HSB 41, legislation that will strip Iowans of their constitutional right to access safe and legal abortion. Do not pass this bill out of committee.

I do not want politics interfering in anyone's right to make their own private medical decisions or blocking access to basic preventive health care. I urge you to carefully consider the impact any decisions or actions regarding these issues will have on Iowans' health, lives, and equality under the law.

[personal email]



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