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We are devastated. But we are not defeated.

Today is a day that will be seared into our memories and the history of the United States because this morning the U.S. Supreme Court has made it legal for states to rob the rights of women and others of reproductive ability to make the personal health care decisions that impact their lives, health, and futures.

People are already traveling hundreds, even thousands of miles, desperate for care at our health centers. And those who cannot afford to do so may die trying to end their own pregnancies – just as in the days before Roe. People already experiencing crushing poverty will be most impacted by this cruel and dehumanizing decision.

We are furious. We are devastated. And we must remain undeterred because people’s lives literally depend on us. You can take action here.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte has been preparing for this moment. With your support, we’ve been building larger health centers near airports and major transportation hubs, training more abortion providers, and expanding hours so we can be open whenever our patients need us.

As a result, we are prepared to serve an additional 250-500 abortion patients every week -- people who may come to our health centers because their home states have denied them the right to control their own bodies.

This is an outrageous disregard of 50 years of legal precedent by an ideologically extreme majority on the Supreme Court that is completely out of touch with the clear majority of public opinion. We cannot – must not – back down.

Standing with Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in this moment has never been more important. We are most powerful when we exercise our power together: Vote, donate, and speak up about your own abortion story because abortion care is health care.

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