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Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Dangerous Abortion Ban

After vetoing the six-week ban, Kasich signs into law a dangerous ban on the safest, most common method of second-trimester abortion.

Columbus, Ohio -- Today, Gov. John Kasich vetoed the six-week abortion ban while signing into law a harmful ban on the safest and most common method of second-trimester abortion. This law not only inserts politicians into the exam room, but is unconstitutional. In every other state that has considered similar method bans, courts have stopped the law from taking effect.

Despite Gov. Kasich’s attempt to appear moderate, he has systematically dismantled sexual and reproductive health care access for Ohioans. With or without a six-week ban, Gov. Kasich’s policies have already made safe, legal abortion inaccessible for many patients. The method ban bill he signed today further dismantles access to health care for Ohioans. As governor of Ohio, Kasich signed over 20 different anti-abortion restrictions and attempted to defund health care services at Planned Parenthood, jeopardizing access to care for tens of thousands of Ohio patients.

Statement from Dr. Leana Wen, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

“The method ban goes against medical science and will harm women. Under Governor Kasich’s watch, Ohio shuttered nearly half of all health centers that provide abortion in the state, leaving many women with nowhere to access the medical care they want and need. As a doctor, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of patients having the ability to work with their doctors and choose the best medical procedure for them. Taking away the most common method of second-trimester abortion is dangerous and needlessly ties the hands of doctors for reasons that have nothing to do with medicine. Planned Parenthood will continue doing everything we can to ensure every person can continue accessing safe, legal abortion no matter what.”

Statement from Iris E. Harvey, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio:

“Gov. Kasich again has let the people of Ohio down by using extreme legislation to turn medical decision-making into political ideology. Planned Parenthood patients, and the medical providers who serve them, rely on the overwhelming medical evidence that shows abortion is one of the safest medical procedures. The method ban dangerously limits people’s options, undermines patients’ constitutional right to access safe, legal abortion, and compromises medical providers’ decision-making. Planned Parenthood will fight to ensure patients can access the health care they need and providers can deliver care without fear of punishment.”

Every court to have considered a similar ban has ruled it unconstitutional. Yet the Ohio legislature is ignoring well-settled law and putting women and doctors at risk in the process. These anti-abortion politicians have made clear their true motive — to ban abortion despite overwhelming public support for a woman’s right to decide if and when to become a parent.


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