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Hi! My name is Karla. I am a senior at UC Riverside and Planned Parenthood Generation Action @ UC Riverside’s Co-President.

“I first utilized Planned Parenthood health services in college at the age of 20. My boyfriend and I were getting more serious and I decided I wanted to get on birth control. I was not completely comfortable with going to go to my normal doctor’s office for birth control because they have a history of violating HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)  and have shared my personal health information with my mother even though I was over the age of 18. Not only was my doctor’s office not confidential it was 50 miles away and not easily accessible from my college campus. Getting birth control through my campus health center was not an option because I waived my college health insurance as the plan was over $1,500 a year and was not really practical as most services weren’t done on campus. Planned Parenthood was my only option and the best one for me.

Planned Parenthood affordable, accessible and confidential. I felt zero judgments at the health center when I asked “dumb” questions. Growing up, I was taught to not speak about periods, sex or sexual health. So when I walked into planned parenthood for the first time I felt completely comfortable asking all the questions possible about the forms of birth control, sex, periods and sexual health. The doctor was very patient with me and took her time explaining to everything very thoroughly. By the end of the visit, I was surprised how many misconceptions I believed for years.

I decided the NuvaRing was best for me as it wasn’t as much work as the pill and if my side effects were bad I could easily remove it. I was given a three month supply at zero cost to me and told me to come back in three months so we could see if this method was working for me. I have been on the NuvaRing for about six months now and I love that I can enjoy sex without the worry of accidental pregnancy in the back of my mind. 

Without Planned Parenthood, I would’ve never received the education, confidentiality, accessibility and affordability I believed I deserved when it came to my body and reproductive health. I believe all women have a right to reproductive justice and freedom. That is why I stay politically involved with Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Generation Action at UC Riverside.”

- Karla, Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest patient and volunteer