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Planned Parenthood’s promise is to “Care, No Matter What”. They center their services around the belief that no matter who you are, who you love, and how you identify, everyone deserves quality care and respect from their health care provider.

All Planned Parenthood of Northern New England health centers, including the five in New Hampshire, are proud to offer non-judgmental care and gender-affirming services, including hormone therapy, for transgender and nonbinary patients, with compassionate staff who are respectful of pronouns and preferred labels. Gender affirming care helps people feel more comfortable in their bodies as well as their minds. People who are trans deserve to live their one life to the fullest and without being held back by limits of care or laws that discriminate.

Transgender people have fought hard throughout history just for their right to exist, and New Hampshire is moving in the right direction. In 2018, gender identity was added to New Hampshire’s anti-discrimination laws, covering employment, housing, and public accommodations. New Hampshire citizens can also choose their gender marker on their driver's license, including “X” for nonbinary people (HB669, 2019). There is also a bill this year (HB1577) to make it easier for transgender people born in New Hampshire to amend their birth records.

We are so proud to know that Planned Parenthood offers such important care to people who just want to live authentic lives. It takes immense amounts of courage and bravery for transgender and nonbinary people to live openly in a world that wants everyone to conform to an outdated and harmful notion of normalcy. Transgender and nonbinary people refuse to sit back, and instead stand up and fight for their existence to be respected. 

Planned Parenthood is demonstrating that everyone deserves access to health care that affirms who they are. Everyone, regardless of gender identity, will always have a home at Planned Parenthood. Access to hormones and surgery for transgender and nonbinary people literally saves lives by decreasing suicide rates. It is our job as a society to carve space for those who need to access life-saving, gender-affirming care.