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Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful means of education; it allows us to understand ourselves and others. Through personal narrative, we can be shown the world in a different light, empathize, and visualize ourselves within the story. Most importantly, it gives purpose to change. As one storyteller puts it, “the key to our power and our liberation are our stories. It's time to raise our voices…” 

The podcast, the Attitude with Arnie Arnesen, gives a platform for these stories in a segment titled “Our Bodies, Our Stories, Our Votes.” The series features Granite Staters’ abortion and reproductive health stories. 

One storyteller recounts “at 17, I had an abortion when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. years later, the same doctor stayed late to help me manage the miscarriage of a very wanted pregnancy. I know firsthand that every pregnancy is unique - that there is no decision more critical than if and when to start a family. My abortion enabled me to go to college, start a career and attend graduate school.” 

Another storyteller recounts, “I had two abortions. My story is of my love and my heartbreak. But the value is in my body and my choices…My abortions allowed me to have more children. My abortions allowed me to continue my work to save your children's lives.” 

At a time when our rights are once again at the hands of politicians, these Granite Staters are sharing their personal stories as a way to take control of the narrative. Their experiences illustrate the importance of the fight for reproductive rights.. 

Host Arnie Arnesen explains the importance of giving space to these stories, in her words, “we tell our stories to remove the stigma and reinforce the urgency of protecting this fundamental light for ourselves and our collective future.” 

You can listen to”Our Bodies, Our Stories, Our Votes” on The Attitude with Arnie Arnesen here (beginning at 27:45): https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/staff74238/episodes/2022-10-19T07_17_08-07_00


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