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Voting by mail: the new normal for exercising your rights! Voter turnout rates in the U.S. are already low. In 2016, just 59% of the voting eligible population cast their ballot, according to the Pew Research Center, and COVID-19 only adds barriers. It’s important to get as close to 100% as possible to best represent this country’s values. The more people who vote, the more likely the U.S. is to have an administration fighting for the well-being of everyone. There are many disenfranchised people and suppressed voters, so cast your ballot in the interest of the most oppressed communities of America. It is our civic responsibility to vote for officials up and down the ballot who want to better the lives of the most marginalized people.

If you, like many other Granite Staters, are concerned about contracting or spreading COVID-19 by going to the polls, you may request an absentee ballot this voting season. COVID-19 concerns have been added to the list of existing reasons to request an absentee ballot. There are a few things you may be wondering about absentee voting and bit.ly/NHVoteSafe directs readers to a comprehensive walk through of absentee voting ins and outs. Wondering if you need a stamp? Yes, you do, in fact, need to provide your own stamp. 

Here’s what you need to know right now: 

  1. Your vote is critical

  2. Request your absentee ballot now and return it as soon as possible.

It can take at least 7 business days for your ballot to be received, but it is best to allow extra time, even if it seems unnecessary. Your voice is important! Marking off the boxes and filling out the information takes a matter of minutes. A few minutes of your time is a small price to pay in exchange for the election of champions for reproductive rights. 

In this politically turbulent time, voting in favor of reproductive freedom is crucial to upholding our people’s beliefs. Now, go vote!