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New Hampshire needs a senator who will boldly defend abortion rights and access for all

NEW HAMPSHIRE — With election day less than a week away, Sen. Maggie Hassan cemented herself as the clear choice in the race for U.S. Senate, claiming victory in the final debate against Don Bolduc. While Bolduc tried to obscure his extreme views on abortion, Sen. Hassan spoke plainly about the threat that Bolduc poses to Granite Staters’ reproductive freedom:  

This is about whether women are going to be pulled back into our status as second class citizens, or whether they are going to be trusted with their capacity and their moral compass… At the end of the day, one-size-fits all policies by politicians like Don Bolduc threaten a woman’s freedom and our health and safety.”  

Bolduc had no substantive response to Hassan’s evidence, claiming that he “has no record” on abortion and that as Senator he “will not be dealing with [abortion].” However, as Sen. Hassan pointed out during the debate, Don Bolduc has revealed who he really is time and again. He supports New Hampshire’s own harmful abortion ban; told voters to “rejoice” in losing the constitutional right to abortion; and said — many times — that he would never vote against “pro-life” legislation. 

It’s clear that New Hampshire voters cannot trust Don Bolduc. Politicians like Bolduc have no right to make decisions for Granite Staters and their families. As was clear on the debate stage tonight — not to mention through her years in the Senate — Sen. Maggie Hassan, a steadfast champion for abortion rights, is the only candidate who will protect Granite Staters’ freedom to determine their own lives and futures.  

Statement from Kayla Montgomery, New Hampshire State Director, Planned Parenthood Votes:

"Tonight’s debate proved yet again that Don Bolduc is not just out of touch with Granite Staters, but a grave threat to the health, rights, and safety of all of us. The stakes are simply too high to put an anti-abortion zealot in a position where he will make decisions that determine whether or not people can access essential health care. New Hampshire voters will not stand by and give power to Don Bolduc or to any other politician who thinks they know better about our own bodies and lives than we do.”

Don Bolduc’s anti-abortion record is almost too long to name. He has said that we should rejoice in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and when pushed, he said that Hassan — and by extension, supporters of abortion rights — should “get over it.” He’s said that the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history doesn’t go far enough. He believes in defunding Planned Parenthood health centers. And he’s said that the “gentlemen” of the state legislature should decide what is best for Granite Staters’ bodies, lives, and futures. 

New Hampshire cannot afford to have an extreme anti-abortion politician like Don Bolduc representing its people in the U.S. Senate. It’s time for Granite Staters to take control and re-elect Sen. Maggie Hassan — the only candidate who has always and will always protect reproductive freedom.


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