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Statement from Kayla Montgomery, Senior Director of Public Affairs for PPNHAF and PPNNE:
“The New Hampshire House just passed HB 233, an incredibly cruel bill paid for and pushed by out-of-state anti-choice groups. Despite the disinformation campaign mounted by some representatives on the House floor today, harming a newborn baby is illegal.  Suggesting otherwise, like House leadership has done, is inflammatory and insulting to medical providers. This bill has real and devastating consequences to families who are grieving the loss of their child and want to be able to make personal decisions, such as religious rites and sacraments. 

This bill could force doctors to weigh whether their medically appropriate care, such as neonatal hospice, will be met with a class A felony, which includes a minimum of seven years imprisonment. Almost as appalling as the bill’s passage is Speaker Packard’s callous disregard for the legislative process, including locking the doors to prevent members who happen to disagree with him from casting their votes. We look forward to educating the NH Senate and Governor Sununu on how dangerous and cruel this bill is. This bill isn’t needed in New Hampshire or anywhere.”