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PPNHAF Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a three-part training academy followed by virtual and/or in-person deep canvassing events. Participants must attend all three training sessions with PPNHAF before deep canvassing. The BTG Training Academy is helpful for all kinds of abortion activism work. Deep canvassing with us is not a requirement if you complete the BTG training series. We encourage all activists to participate in this unique learning experience. 

The goal of this program is to address abortion stigma within voters. Trainees will get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, address complex issues, and become familiar with voters on a deeper level, without judgment. Training and canvassing events will be held year-round, aiming to shift voters away from anti-abortion thinking one conversation at a time.  

Folks will gain skills such as building rapport, storytelling, and changing hearts and minds through deep conversations.  

Upcoming Dates  

Click here to sign up for Part 1 of our training series on October 12th from 6-8 pm via Zoom   

  • Part 2 will be held on October 12th from 6-8 pm via Zoom  

  • Part 3 will be held on October 16th from 6-8 pm via Zoom  

(You will receive the sign-up link for Part 2 and Part 3 after completing Part 1)   

What to Expect:  

Training Part 1:  

We ensure participants have a clear understanding of abortion and deep canvassing. We address what abortion is, who gets abortions, abortion later in pregnancy, abortion and faith, abortion and race, and common abortion stigma. Part 1 also looks at abortion through a political lens. We end Part 1 with an overview of the structure of deep canvassing.  

Training Part 2:  

Part 2 is very interactive as participants learn how to effectively build rapport with voters. This section prioritizes understanding common values that voters elicit.  

Storytelling and real-lived experiences stand at the heart of Bridging the Gap. Part 2 prepares participants to tell abortion stories at the door or on the phone. We will take the time to develop stories, share stories, and practice them.  

Training Part 3:  

Trainees will learn to encourage voters to understand that the values they hold may not coincide with the voter’s anti-abortion thinking. Canvassers will be prepared to elicit a realization of this cognitive dissonance in the voter.  

Voters will become introspective and address abortion stigma within themselves. Time is allotted for folks to become familiar with the deep canvassing script, as well as practice responses to common stigma.  

Deep Canvassing:  

Virtual deep canvasses will be held via Zoom where canvassers will undergo a brief training before calling voters. Voters will have previously been scheduled to receive calls the night of canvasses. Canvassers will be encouraged to stay on the Zoom as they make phone calls in order to collect data and debrief with staff and fellow volunteers.  

In-person deep canvassing will be door-to-door canvassing. Volunteers and staff will meet in a common location, undergo a brief training before talking to voters, and canvass with a partner. Snacks and a debriefing session will conclude the day. In-person deep canvassing will be taking place in Fall 2023.  

Contact Us:  Please contact [email protected] with questions or interests.