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While the bill introduction deadline in the Mississippi Legislature has technically passed, bills are still making their way through the process to be made available to the public. To date, six bills to further restrict access to safe and legal abortion have been introduced. We anticipate several additional bills to drop in the coming weeks.

Here are a few bills we're keeping a close eye on: 

Bill # Description Impact Link
HB0006 Nurse-Family Partnership Pilot Program; require to be established and funded through TANF funds. Support for first time mothers, could decrease maternal and infant mortality View Details
HB0100 Medicaid; expand eligibility under federal health care reform law. Expands access to health care - Expands Medicaid View Details
HB0350 Medicaid; seek waiver for plan to expand eligibility with regional care organizations, known as "One Mississippi." Expands access to health care - expands Medicaid View Details
HB0506 Abortion; revise physician requirement to perform an ultrasound and explanation before performing. Increases medically unnecessary requirements that exist to intentionally shame a person seeking an abortion. View Details
HB0542 Contraceptives; require insurers, Medicaid and the State Health Plan to cover without cost sharing. Would codify no co-pay birth control at the state level, nationally this has reduced unintended pregnancies View Details
HB0577 Intentional injury to pregnant woman; revise penalties. Confusing language that could potentially criminalize abortion View Details
HB0627 The MS Human Life Protection Act; create. Bans abortion, with narrow exceptions View Details
HB0693 Infant Mortality Reduction Collaborative extend repealer on. Extends Infant Mortality Reduction Collaborative View Details
HB0761 Unnatural intercourse law; revise to remove "mankind" from. Removes language stigmatizing LGBTQ individuals from "unnatural intercourse" law View Details
HB0764 Mississippi Civil Rights Act; create. Civil Rights protections for Mississippians View Details
HB1001 Abortion; provide that inducing or performing is unlawful. Bans access to ALL safe legal abortion with felony penalties View Details
HB710 State service employees; prohibit sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination of. Prohibits sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination for state service employees View Details
SB2126 Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act; create Paid sick leave View Details
SB2148 Mississippi Pregnant Workers Fairness Act; create. Workplace accommodations for pregnancy and nursing parents View Details
SB2156 Mississippi Student Absentee Voter Act; enact. Allows greater access to the polls for Mississippians attending college in another state View Details
SB2174 Evelyn Gandy Fair Pay Act; create. Equal Pay View Details
SB2226 Infant Mortality Reduction Collaborative; extend repealer on. Extends the repealer for the Infant Mortality Reduction Collaborative by 3 years View Details
SB2490 Transgender 21 Act; enact. Attacks transgender youth by denying access to lifesaving medical and mental health care View Details

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