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Atlanta, July 2, 2020​— Planned Parenthood Action Fund announced its endorsement of Jon Ossoff and  Carolyn Bordeaux to protect the health care and rights of the people of Georgia. As our nation struggles  to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the Supreme Court considers a critical case on birth control access, the need to have strong leaders who will champion our health and our rights is clear. The Trump administration and its allies have been hellbent on gutting the Affordable Care Act. They want to make it  harder for Americans to access the basic health care they need. They even tried to use the coronavirus  response bill to attack abortion access.  

This announcement is part of the Action Fund’s continued ​endorsement​ of federal candidates committed  to reproductive health and rights around the country. 
Staci Fox, President & CEO, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates: 

“We are thrilled with Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s endorsement of Jon Ossoff and Carolyn  Bordeaux, champions that Georgians deserve. As the country grapples with the dual public health crises  of systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic,​ ​everything is on the line in 2020.   

That’s why Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations like Planned Parenthood Southeast  Advocates are all in, investing deeply to engage voters and shift the balance of power in this country by  electing leaders like Jon Ossoff and Carolyn Bordeaux who will fight to expand health care access and  reproductive rights.  

We continue to  see unprecedented attacks on our health care access, public health infrastructure, and  our reproductive rights including right here in Georgia just one year ago — and they have spurred an  unprecedented resistance by people throughout Georgia.  

And those Georgians know that this election is bigger than just one race; it’s about the future of our  democracy. That’s why we’re investing in candidates like Ossoff and Bordeaux up and down the ballot to  win big on every level.   

The patients who walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood for their health care needs in Georgia  and all Georgians, need champions like Ossoff and Bordeaux to fight for access to health care and show  true leadership in Congress.”  

The Trump administration’s attacks on abortion, birth control, and other reproductive care have spurred  backlash​ across the country. ​A record-high 77 percent of Americans​ say they do not want to see Roe v.  Wade overturned, ​and there is no state where making abortion illegal is popular​. Those elected in 2020 to  Congress and to the White House will improve  access to reproductive health and rights across the  country. 

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As the organizing, advocacy, and electoral arm of Planned Parenthood Southeast, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates (PPSEA) engages in electoral activities including voter education and mobilization. We believe elected officials should support policies and programs that help women and their families make responsible choices about the prevention of unintended pregnancies and plan for healthy families. PPSEA works to educate and mobilize the public and elect lawmakers who support these policies.

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