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Cory Gardner fails time and time again to be a leader.

Allocation of more money to deal with the Zika outbreaks in Florida and Puerto Rico is essential. But what did Cory Gardner do? He refused to support the bill for Zika resources and research unless it included a ban on funding for Planned Parenthood Puerto Rico. He’s somehow turned this major public health emergency into yet another attack on women’s health.

The Senate has the obligation to consider new candidates for the Supreme Court. But what did Cory Gardner do? He vowed to block any nominee put forward by Obama, intending to preserve the conservative leanings of the Supreme Court.

Our country needs a president who will sustain and improve Obamacare, making reproductive health care a top priority. But what did Cory Gardner do? He endorsed a presidential candidate who is deeply unqualified to advocate for reproductive health care and a person’s agency over their own body. Apparently Cory Gardner has no problem supporting a presidential candidate who denigrates women.

It’s distressing that our great state is not accurately represented in the senate. We need a senator who can really fulfill all of the responsibilities of being a Colorado leader and truly advocate for all people, including Colorado women. We need a U.S. Senator with vision of change for a better future. That person is NOT Cory Gardner.


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