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DENVER, CO– PPVC is excited to announce candidate endorsements for the legislature! All endorsed candidates received a 100% rating on PPVC’s 2016 survey and, if incumbents, hold pro-women’s health voting records in the legislature. PPVC endorses candidates who trust women to make their own health care decisions, and access to safe and legal abortion. These candidates also believe that women should have access to affordable birth control options and that comprehensive sex education in schools should be medically-based and age-appropriate.
The following PPVC endorsed candidates will make protecting women’s health care access a priority in the Colorado legislature. PPVC is thrilled to support them in the upcoming election.

Emily Tracy (SD 8)
John Kefalas (SD 14)
Matt Jones (SD 17)
Steve Fenberg (SD 18)
Rachel Zenzinger (SD 19)
Dominick Moreno (SD 21)
Jenise May (SD 25)
Daniel Kagan (SD 26)
Tom Sullivan (SD 27)
Nancy Todd (SD 28)
Rhonda Fields (SD 29)
Lois Court (SD 31)
Angela Williams (SD 33)
Jim Casias (SD 35)

Susan Lontine (HD 1)
Alec Garnett (HD 2)
Jeff Bridges (HD 3)
Dan Pabon (HD 4)
Crisanta Duran (HD 5)
Chris Hansen (HD 6)
Leslie Herod (HD 8)
Paul Rosenthal (HD 9)
Jonathan Singer (HD 11)
Mike Foote (HD 12)
KC Becker (HD 13)
Chris Walters (HD 14)
Tony Exum (HD 17)
Pete Lee (HD 18)
Tom Reynolds (HD 19)
Julia Endicott (HD 20)
Chris Kennedy (HD 23)
Jessie Danielson (HD 24)
Tammy Story (HD 25)
Diane Mitsch Bush (HD 26)
Wade M Norris (HD 27)
Brittany Pettersen (HD 28)
Tracy Kraft-Tharp (HD 29)
Dafna Michaelson Jenet (HD 30)
Joe Salazar (HD 31)
Adrienne Benavidez (HD 32)
Steve Zorn (HD 32)
Matt Gray (HD 33)
Steve Lebsock (HD 34)
Faith Winter (HD 35)
Mike Weissman (HD 36)
Robert Bowen (HD 38)
Janet Buckner (HD 40)
Dominique Jackson (HD 42)
Scott Wagner (HD 43)
Tim Hicks (HD 44)

Shantell Schweikart (HD 45)
Daneya Esgar (HD 46)
Annie King (HD 48)
Dave Young (HD 50)

Jody Shadduck-McNally (HD 51)
Joann Ginal (HD 52)
Jeni Arndt (HD 53)
Barbara McLachlan (HD 59)

David Higginbotham (HD-60)
Millie Hamner (HD 61)
Thomas Hudson (HD 63)
Kathleen Conway (HD 64)