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2022 Election Wins

The results of the 2022 midterm elections are a win for abortion rights in Connecticut!

While the votes are still being counted in some state races with Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut (PPV!CT) endorsed candidates, reproductive champions scored victories that are essential to protect abortion access. With at least 82 Planned Parenthood Votes! Connecticut-endorsed candidates elected, abortion access will continue to be protected and expanded in our state.

Congratulations to the 2022 PPV!CT-Endorsed General Election Winners!

Connecticut Constitutional Offices:
Governor                              Ned Lamont* 
Lieutenant Governor          Susan Bysiewicz*  
Secretary of State                Stephanie Thomas 
Treasurer                               Erick Russell 
Comptroller                          Sean Scanlon 
Attorney General                 William Tong* 

Connecticut Senate:

District 3           Saud Anwar* 
District 4           MD Rahman  
District 5           Derek Slap *  
District 6           Rick Lopes*    
District 9           Matt Lesser*  
District 10         Gary Winfield*  
District 11         Martin Looney* 
District 12         Christine Cohen* 
District 13         Jan Hochadel  
District 14         James Maroney*  
District 17         Jorge Cabrera*  
District 18         Heather Somers* 
District 19         Cathy Osten*  
District 20         Martha Marx  
District 24         Julie Kushner*  
District 25         Bob Duff*  
District 26         Ceci Maher  
District 29         Mae Flexer*  
District 33         Norm Needleman*

Connecticut House of Representatives: 

District 1            Matthew Ritter*  
District 2            Raghib Allie Brennan*  
District 6            Edwin Vargas*  
District 9            Jason Rojas*  
District 12          Geoffrey Luxenberg*  
District 13          Jason Doucette*  
District 16          Melissa Osborne  
District 17          Eleni Kavros DeGraw*  
District 18          Jillian Gilchrest* 
District 19          Tammy Exum*  
District 20          Kate Farrar*  
District 21          Mike Demicco*  
District 27          Gary Turco*  
District 31          Jill Barry*    
District 33          Brandon Chafee*   
District 36          Christine Palm*    
District 40          Christine Conley*   
District 41          Aundré Bumgardner  
District 42          Keith Denning   
District 46          Derrell Wilson  
District 49          Susan Johnson*  
District 50          Pat Boyd*  
District 54          Gregory Haddad*   
District 56          Kevin Brown  
District 60          Jane Garibay*  
District 64          Maria Horn*  
District 82          Michael Quinn*  
District 84          Hilda Santiago*  
District 85          Mary Mushinsky*   
District 88          Josh Elliott*  
District 92          Patricia Dillon*  
District 96          Roland Lemar*  
District 98          Moira Rader   
District 100        Quentin “Q” Williams*  
District 101        John-Michael Parker*  
District 102        Robin Comey*  
District 103        Liz Linehan*   
District 109        Farley Santos  
District 110        Bob Godfrey*  
District 111        Aimee Berger Girvalo*  
District 114        Mary Welander*           
District 118        Frank Smith*  
District 132        Jennifer Leeper*  
District 133        Cristin McCarthy Vahey*
District 134        Sarah Keitt   
District 135        Anne Hughes*   
District 136        Jonathan Steinberg*
District 137        Kadeem Roberts  
District 139        Kevin Ryan*  
District 142        Lucia "Lucy" Dathan*  
District 143        Dominique Johnson  
District 144        Hubert Delany*  
District 145        Corey Paris*  
District 147        Matthew Blumenthal*  
District 149        Rachel Khanna  
District 150        Stephen Meskers*  
District 151        Hector Arzeno  

Note: * indicates incumbent

This list of election results was updated on November 9, 2022.

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