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2020 Election Results

Congratulations to our champions across Connecticut!

Sexual and reproductive heath and rights is a winning issue in Connecticut! This election, voters overwhelming elected candidates who will protect fundamental reproductive rights and work to expand access to sexual and reproductive health care for all people.

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates who won their races during the 2020 General Assembly elections:

State Senate:

District 2             Doug McCrory*
District 3             Saud Anwar*
District 4             Steve Cassano*
District 5             Derek Slap *
District 6             Rick Lopes 
District 9             Matt Lesser*
District 10           Gary Winfield*
District 11           Martin Looney*
District 12           Christine Cohen*
District 13           Mary Daugherty Abrams*
District 14           James Maroney*
District 17           Jorge Cabrera
District 18           Heather Somers*
District 19           Cathy Osten*
District 22           Marilyn Moore*  
District 24           Julie Kushner*
District 25           Bob Duff*
District 26           Will Haskell*
District 27           Carlo Leone*
District 29           Mae Flexer*
District 33           Norm Needleman*
District 36           Alex Kasser*

State House of Representatives:

District 1             Matthew Ritter*
District 2             Raghib Allie-Brennan*             
District 9             Jason Rojas*
District 12           Geoffrey Luxenberg*
District 13           Jason Doucette*
District 17           Eleni Kavros DeGraw
District 18           Jillian Gilchrest*
District 19           Tammy Exum*
District 20           Kate Farrar
District 21           Mike Demicco*
District 24           Emmanuel "Manny" Sanchez        
District 27           Gary Turco*
District 28           Amy Morrin Bello           
District 33           Brandon Chafee
District 35           Christine Goupil
District 36           Christine Palm*
District 39           Anthony Nolan*
District 40           Christine Conley*            
District 48           Brian Smith*
District 49           Susan Johnson*
District 50           Pat Boyd*
District 54           Gregory Haddad*
District 56           Michael Winkler*
District 58           Thomas Arnone*
District 60           Jane Garibay*
District 64           Maria Horn*
District 82           Michael Quinn
District 83           Catherine Abercrombie*
District 84           Hilda Santiago*
District 85           Mary Mushinsky*
District 88           Josh Elliott*
District 94           Robyn Porter*
District 96           Roland Lemar*
District 98           Sean Scanlon*
District 100         Quentin Phipps*
District 101         John-Michael Parker
District 102         Robin Comey*
District 103         Liz Linehan*
District 109         David Arconti*
District 110         Bob Godfrey*
District 111         Aimee Berger-Girvalo
District 114         Mary Welander
District 115         Dorinda Borer*
District 120         Phillip Young*
District 126         Charlie Stallworth*
District 127         John (Jack) Hennessy*
District 132         Jennifer Leeper
District 133         Cristin McCarthy Vahey*
District 135         Anne Hughes*
District 136         Jonathan Steinberg*
District 137         Chris Perone*
District 138         Kenneth Gucker*
District 139         Kevin Ryan*
District 142         Lucia "Lucy" Dathan*
District 143         Stephanie Thomas
District 144         Caroline Simmons*
District 147         Matthew Blumenthal*
District 150         Stephen Meskers*

Note: * indicates incumbent

For more information or questions about our endorsements please contact Gretchen Raffa, Senior Director of Public Policy, Advocacy, and Organizing.