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Endorsements for the 2022 General Elections

Candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes! Rhode Island PAC have pledged to fight for reproductive freedom, protect our rights, and expand access to abortion care. 

To continue the progress we’ve made — and keep our state moving forward — we need these champions in our corner. 

This list will continue to be updated with any additional endorsements, including candidates for statewide general offices, before the general election on November 8, 2022. 

It’s up to us: let’s take control and get these candidates elected!



Sam Zurier* (District 3)
Samuel Bell* (District 5)
Tiara Mack* (District 6)
Sandra Cano* (District 8)
Linda Ujifusa (District 11)
Dawn Euer* (District 13)
Valarie Lawson* (District 14)
Meghan Kallman* (District 15)
Jonathon Acosta* (District 16)
Cameron Deutsch (District 17)
Ryan Pearson* (District 19)
Giang (Jenny) Bui (District 21)
Melissa Murray* (District 24)
Joshua Miller* (District 28)
Jennifer Rourke (District 29)
Pamela Lauria (District 32)
Bridget Valverde* (District 35)
Alana DiMario* (District 36)
V. Susan Sosnowski* (District 37)
Victoria Gu (District 38)


House of Representatives

Edith H. Ajello* (District 1)
Christopher Blazejewski* (District 2)
Rebecca Kislak* (District 4)
David Morales* (District 7) 
John J. Lombardi* (District 8)
Jose F. Batista* (District 12)
Brandon Potter* (District 16)
Arthur Handy* (District 18)
Joseph M. McNamara* (District 19)
David A. Bennett* (District 20)
K. Joseph Shekarchi* (District 23)
Evan P. Shanley* (District 24)
Samara Yelle (District 26)
Scott Guthrie (District 28)
Justine Caldwell* (District 30)
Julie A. Casimiro* (District 31)
Robert Craven* (District 32)
Carol Hagan McEntee* (District 33)
Teresa A. Tanzi* (District 34)
Kathleen A. Fogarty* (District 35)
Megan Cotter (District 39)
Linda Nichols (District 40)
Paul Roselli (District 47)
Paul Jones (District 48)
Glenn Dusablon (District 49)

Joshua J. Giraldo* (District 56)
Brandon Voas (District 57)
Karen Alzate* (District 60)
Leonela Felix* (District 61)
Mary Duffy Messier* (District 62)
Katherine S. Kazarian* (District 63)
Brianna Henries* (District 64)
Matthew Dawson (District 65)
Jennifer Boylan (District 66)
Jason Knight* (District 67)
June Speakman* (District 68)
Susan R. Donovan* (District 69)
John G. Edwards* (District 70)
Michelle E. McGaw* (District 71)
Terri Cortvriend* (District 72)
Marvin L. Abney* (District 73)
Lauren H. Carson* (District 75)

* : candidate is the incumbent

This list of endorsements is current as of September 26, 2022.


For questions about endorsements, please contact [email protected]

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