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What is Abortion for Y'all?

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic’s Abortion for Y’all campaign aims to educate folks about the ways abortion stigma shows up in our lives and activate them to push back against attacks on our health care, whether by having conversations with loved ones about the importance of abortion access or urging their elected officials to defend reproductive freedom. Abortion for Y’all is grounded in an abortion justice framework, working intersectionally to destigmatize abortion care and add more voices to the conversation. Abortion for Y’all is gender-inclusive, affirming, and unapologetic, and encourages courageous and compassionate dialogue and collective action.

What is your vision for abortion justice? Share your story with us below.


If you're ready to join us in the fight for abortion justice, click here.


Want to share why you fight for abortion justice via phone? Leave us a voicemail and tell us why you support abortion justice!


What is abortion justice?

"Abortion justice," coined by All* Above All, recognizes that legal protections do not guarantee access to health care and that systemic racism, economic insecurity, and immigration status make it harder for people of color, people experiencing financial hardship, and people who are undocumented to obtain an abortion. It's up to all of us to join the movement and fight for abortion justice for all.