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What is Abortion for Y'all?

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic’s Abortion for Y’all campaign aims to educate folks about the ways abortion stigma shows up in our lives and activate them to push back against attacks on our health care, whether by having conversations with loved ones about the importance of abortion access or urging their elected officials to defend reproductive freedom. Abortion for Y’all is grounded in an abortion justice framework, working intersectionally to destigmatize abortion care and add more voices to the conversation. Abortion for Y’all is gender-inclusive, affirming, and unapologetic, and encourages courageous and compassionate dialogue and collective action.

What is abortion stigma?

Abortion stigma is a shared understanding that abortion is somehow morally wrong and/or society deems socially unacceptable. This means people who seek an abortion are viewed as ‘inferior people,’ and those who provide abortion care are seen as ‘bad’ or unethical clinicians.

Abortion is normal, and all abortion experiences are valid and sacred. It's important that we share share our stories to combat the stigma that surrounds abortion and support the women, trans men, non-binary and gender non-conforming people who have them.

Sharing our experiences, or our stories, bring people together. Sharing our personal stories gives us the power to reclaim and reframe our lived experiences. While statistics and lists of facts can communicate information, stories communicate something that speaks to the core of our human experience.

Read stories from people who had abortions:

"It's just healthcare. It is not political. I don't regret any of my abortions." – Amanda

"It's just healthcare. It is not political. I don't regret any of my abortions. No one should police me or judge me or question me. It is my choice and I want to help all people with uteruses to know that they get to make any choice they want or need to make. Pregnancy is not spontaneous. This country is obsessed with policing women. We all owe each other trust that we are the only ones who know how to make our hardest decisions."

"I made the right decision for me and my life." Sarah, North Carolina

"I made the right decision for me and my life. I want everyone to have the same choices for what they want and their bodies."

"If I was forced to have a baby when I was 19 I would never have gone to college and achieved my goals and dreams. " – Duncan, South Carolina

"Having an abortion saved me from living in a cycle of perpetual poverty. If I was forced to have a baby when I was 19 I would never have gone to college and achieved my goals and dreams. If abortion access is restricted, other girls and women will not have the opportunity to achieve what I have. Abortions save lives."

What is your vision for abortion justice? Share your story with us below.


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What is abortion justice?

"Abortion justice," coined by All* Above All, recognizes that legal protections do not guarantee access to health care and that systemic racism, economic insecurity, and immigration status make it harder for people of color, people experiencing financial hardship, and people who are undocumented to obtain an abortion. It's up to all of us to join the movement and fight for abortion justice for all.

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If you believe that justice cannot be achieved until every person has control over their body, has the right to have a child or not have a child, and the right the raise healthy children, click here to help us fight for abortion justice.