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The Census only comes around every ten years, and it's incredibly important that everyone is counted. Completing the Census can be a little confusing, so we've compiled some FAQ's to help you navigate it.


1. What if I am not a citizen? 

  • Your information is private and it is against the law for anyone with access to your information to share it. Your response to the census is key for us and our community to receive the funding and resources that we 

2. Why is the Census important? 

  • Filling out the census means you will have the opportunity to notify the government that you are here and it will influence your ability to be thoroughly represented by public officials! 

  • The census will determine what resources we lose and gain as a community.  

  • Filling out this form means you are exercising your voice and power as a resident of your community and nation. Your voice matters! 

3. What if I don’t have access to a computer? 

  • You can call or fill out the paper form. Households that have not responded will receive the paper form April 8-16. You can also check with a local community-based organization, community center, or library to see if they can offer assistance or access to a computer. 

4. What if I have a physical disability and cannot fill it out? 

  • You can still participate over the phone or online with accessible technology. You can also ask a family member or friend for assistance with filling out the form. 

6. What if someone has a developmental disability and do not have the mental capacity to fill it out? 

  • If they are in an institution, they will be counted through group quarters. 

  • Whoever is completing the census form for the household should include the individual. 

7. What if I think I’ve filled it out, but cannot remember (aka I’m not sure/don’t know)?

  • If you are not sure, do not use your household ID. You can fill out the form online or via phone without you household ID. 

8. How is race captured on the Census form? 

  • There are multiple ways to indicate your racial background depending on which races you identify as. 

9. If I am multiracial, how do I note that on the census? 

  • You can indicate what your racial background is by checking multiple boxes and writing in responses. 

10. If I identify as Middle Eastern and/or North African population, how do I complete the racial question on the census? 

  • Check off “White" and write in your origins. Among the suggested answers are examples of two of the largest Middle Eastern and North African nationality groups in the U.S. — "Lebanese" and "Egyptian. 

11. Does Census collect data on LGBTQ communities? 

  • Yes, in a limited way. The 2020 Census will ask a question about same-sex relationships. 

12. What if I do not identify with one gender or another? 

  • Unfortunately, the census is still gender binary. Please fill it out the best you can so that you can be counted. 

  • Historically people have skipped questions and still been counted. 

13. What if I don’t have a permanent address? 

  • You can fill out the address wherever you are on Census Day (April 1). You can even list an address like a library or other location. 

14. What if I will move before the end of the year?

  • Use the address where you are on Census Day (April 1). 

15. I have a student who is in college/I am a student in college. Should I/my child be counted at home or at school? 

  • Complete the form on Census Day (April 1) with your permanent address. For example, your current home address that you normally put for your general information. 

16. I am pregnant. Should I count my baby? 

  • Congratulations! Unless your baby is born on or before Census Day (April 1), you cannot count your child. 

17. What if I am a U.S. military personnel living in military barracks in the U.S.? 

  • You will be counted through group quarters at the military barracks. 


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