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Politicians have no right to force medical providers to lie to their patients.

South Carolina lawmakers are returning to Columbia to completely ban abortion, criminalize medical providers, and make it illegal to help a person get an abortion in another state. We must ACT NOW to stop this bill.

Call members of the House Judiciary committee now and urge them to vote "no."

Chris Murphy: (803) 734-3120
Bill Bailey: (843) 458-0844
Bruce Bryant: (803) 212-6940
Neal Collins: (803) 212-6913
West Cox: (803) 212-6931
Jason Elliott: (803) 212-6877
Brandon Newton: (803) 212-6874
Micah Caskey: (803) 250-5834
Sylleste Davis: (803) 212-6930
Weston Newton: (803) 212-6810
Russell Fry: (803) 212-6781
Max Hyde: (864) 582-1742
Jeff Johnson: (803) 212-6946
Jay Jordan: (803) 734-3114
John McCravy: (864) 942-8501
Travis Moore: (864) 680-0441

What to say (Call Script):


Hi, my name is __________, and I live in ___________.

I'm calling to urge you to vote NO on any bills that ban abortion. 

The overwhelming majority of South Carolinians support access to abortion, including myself because [add your own story, if you’d like]. Everyone must have control over their body and the freedom to make their own decisions about their life, their family, and their future. I urge you to protect access to abortion in South Carolina.