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On Tuesday, May 1, H. 3548 will be brought to the Senate floor on special order. 

Extreme anti-women's health politicians are threatening to ban a very safe method of abortion used by many physicians because of its proven record through years of research and medical practice.

H. 3548, the abortion method ban, is an unprecedented overreach of SC lawmakers to interfere in the confidential doctor-patient relationship and to dictate how doctors practice medicine. Physicians must be able to provide a woman with the best care possible based on current research -- not the whims of anti-women's health politicians.

Similar laws have already been blocked in five states, opening the doors for costly litigation. This is NOT what South Carolina's elected officials should be spending their time on. Take action now to urge your representative to VOTE NO on H. 3548!

Sample Script:


Hi my name is _____ and I'm calling in opposition to House Bill 3548. This bill would interfere with doctors' ability to provide health care to their patients, and I urge ___ (senator) to protect a woman's access to a full range of reproductive health services. H. 3548 attempts to criminalize one of the safest methods of safe, legal abortion. Health care decisions should remain between a woman and her healthcare provider, without political interference. Please vote no on H. 3548.