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“We are deeply disappointed that Governor Justice signed into law today HB 4007, the so called “born alive” bill. This type of legislation is not based in fact or science and it is purely meant to punish doctors, demonize abortion, and spread misinformation about how safe, legal abortion works. 

Bills like these perpetuate myths and lies about abortion care, the individuals who receive abortions and the doctors who perform them. They reveal the consistent strategy of anti-abortion politicians, whose ultimate goal is to push abortion completely out of reach. 

Instead of respecting a woman’s decisions and acknowledging the complexities of such personal, medical decisions, anti-abortion opponents resort to inflammatory, shaming rhetoric and use bills like these to distract from their true agenda -- to push abortion care out of reach and punish patients and their doctors. 

For many people in West Virginia, abortion is already out of reach. There is only one health center left that provides abortion — and access is hanging on by a thread. We’ve seen 26 abortion bans pass in 2019, and we’re already seeing people having to cross state lines or wait long times just to access basic health care. If the Supreme Court overturns or guts access to abortion, it could pave the way for states to effectively ban abortion for over 25 million people of reproductive age.” 

Planned Parenthood continues to stand with West Virginia’s doctors and women and advocate for policies that are based in science and support bodily autonomy. We strongly oppose this dangerous legislation and any legislation that attempts to dictate what happens between and doctor and their patient in an exam room.