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Statement from Paige Johnson, Vice President of External Affairs, Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic

“Planned Parenthood South Atlantic is calling for Pat McCrory to stop playing political games and concede the gubernatorial race to Roy Cooper. The results are clear, and the voters have elected Cooper to the governor’s mansion.

McCrory, however, continues to launch attacks against lawful voters, the African American community and local Board of Election appointees. He has filed election complaints to over 52 Boards of Election, but now only seeks to undermine his own reputation as the boards deny his requests. Despite McCrory’s efforts to undermine the race results, governor-elect Cooper’s lead has reached roughly 8,000 votes and counting.

Governor McCrory is wasting valuable time and money on these baseless attacks — something North Carolinians are all too familiar with under McCrory’s leadership. Planned Parenthood South Atlantic echoes the calls of North Carolina voters who are ready to move forward, and we urge McCrory to listen to the will of the people and concede. We stand ready to work with a new governor who will join us in the fight for equal and accessible health care for all. As the votes are recounted, it is only becoming increasingly clear that the rest of the state wants this, too.”