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March 10, 2016 - “We are dismayed by the court’s decision today to allow North Carolina to produce specialty license plates that bear a political and divisive anti-abortion message all while denying supporters of access to safe and legal abortion the same opportunity.


Even more alarming, this decision now creates a direct funding stream for the state’s network of so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). These centers have an anti-abortion agenda and systematically give women biased, misleading, and frequently medically-inaccurate information regarding pregnancy and abortion in an effort to coerce a woman’s deeply personal decision regarding her own pregnancy and health.


CPCs are usually religiously affiliated and are not health care providers although they often present themselves to women as though they are. There is absolutely no oversight or regulation of these centers by any medical or government entity.


It is simply unacceptable that the state is now even further financially supporting CPCs, beyond the funds they receive in the state budget, to the detriment of North Carolina women. Women deserve non-judgmental, medically accurate and non-directive counseling when it comes to their personal and private health care decisions.”