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2021 Forced Birth Agenda 

Medical Tissue Burial is a bill meant to shame people seeking an abortion by requiring fetal tissue to be buried or cremated; HB1181 & SB0828 by Representative Rudd (R), Murfreesboro and Senator Bowling (R), Tullahoma.

Forced Counseling Bill requires a pregnant person to complete a consultation coercing birth by the department of health prior to an abortion; SB1222 & HB1425 by Senator Rose (R), Memphis and Representative Moody (R), Covington.

Impregnator Bill is an unconstitutional, insulting bill that gives the suspected impregnator veto power over another person’s abortion decision. SB0494 & HB1079 by Senator Pody (R), Lebanon and Representative J. Sexton (R), Bean Station.

Personhood Bill is an inane, misleading bill that states that a person cannot sue due to wrongful birth or wrongful life, by claiming they should have been aborted. In effect, the harm of this bill is that it defines a fetus as a person. HB1252 & SB1370 by Senator Bell (R), Riceville and Representative Terry (R), Murfreesboro.

Total Abortion Ban is an unconstitutional ban on abortion when a pregnancy is detected; SB0204 & HB0724 by Senator Pody (R), Lebanon and Representative Howell (R), Cleveland. SB0654 & HB1539 by Senator Bowling (R), Tullahoma and Representative Weaver (R), Lancaster.

Sex Ed & LGBTQ+ Bills

Attack on Trans Athletes is a discriminative and gaslighting bill which dismisses a student’s self-identifying gender by re-assigning their gender, based on their birth certificate in order to participate in school sports. HB0003 & SB0228 by Representative Cepicky (R), Culleoka and Senator Hensley (R), Hohenwald.

Withholding Self Identifying Resources is a bill to permit a parent or guardian to withhold LEA or charter school curriculum to commence instruction of sexual orientation or gender identity from students. HB0529 & SB1229by Representative Moody (R), Covington and Senator Rose (R), Tipton, and part of Shelby Co.

Limiting Student Contraceptives is a restrictive bill to limit student access to contraceptives by requiring parental consent. HB0577 & SB1392 by Representative Ragan (R), Oak Ridge and Senator Bowling (R), Tullahoma.

Denying Non-Secular Living Rights prohibits governments from policies that respect or promote non-secular self-asserted sex-based identity narratives, sexual orientation orthodoxy, or non-secular marriage doctrine claiming the policies fail the Lemon test. SB1208 by Senator Pody (R), Lebanon.

Criminalization of Transgender Care for Minors is a restrictive bill which would criminalize the provision of gender affirming health care to minors unless the parent or guardian has written recommendations from at least three physicians. HB0578 & SB0657 by Representative Ragan (R), Oak Ridge and Senator Bowling (R), Tullahoma.

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill is an updated version of a previously filed TN bill to censor LGBTQ content in public school textbooks and instructional materials. HB0800 & SB1216 by Representative Griffey (R), Paris and Senator Niceley (R), Strawberry Plains.

Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill is a bill to criminalize the use of a public same-sex bathroom, locker room, dressing room, or shower by a transgender person if they do not use the designated area of their assigned sex at birth. HB1177 & SB1238 by Representative Sexton (R), Bean Station and Senator Pody (R), Lebanon.

Anti-Marriage Equality is a bill that appears to be a caption bill that would eventually carry explicitly anti-marriage equality language. It pertains to marriage licensing and definitions. SB562/HB233 by Sen. Bowling and Rep. Leatherwood.

Anti LGBTQ-Inclusive Training is a bill that allows employees of state or local government (which also includes public universities and colleges) to skip trainings or seminars that conflict with their values or religious beliefs.  We believe that the bill provides a way of undermining LGBTQ-inclusive training sessions and seminars offered by government entities. SB193/HB372 by Sen. Bowling and Rep. Casada.